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That eye of the neddle
It's a soul snatcher
Death catcher
Demon driver
Venom injection
Spirit killer
Obliterating into oblivion
The only mercy our lives have known
-Chrissie Pinney.

"I should tell you" Cole whispered to me, his voice breaking it was like I could feel his soul breaking. I layed in his arms calm and relaxed the sweat of my forehead and off my body didn't bother Cole. His arms were tight around me, I smiled up at him my eyes not really opening and Cole was blurring.
"Listen to me" he lifted my chin up my was going up willing
"I didn't mean what I said that night har-" before Cole could say what he needed to say.
"I know"my finger brushing his lips, so soft his warm breathe was peaceful against my fingers.
"Listen to me, Harmony I lov-"
"I love you more"I whispered softly interrupting him again, I felt cold then. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to wear a summer dress in 4 inches of snow
"Don't leave me Harmony" he cried rocking me. I could hear more people then others around us.
"Someone call help!" He cried "Please NOW" he begged.
I'm sorry Cole I thought but my lips couldn't move I stared at his beautiful face that looked so worn but Cole had this beautiful way about him the way the air around him seemed to clear and shine. 

"I'm so sorry baby, I should of been stronger for you both"  i lifted my hand to gently touch his face, not being able to feel my own strength but feel his warmth I smiled once  more as his big blue eyes stared down at me.

God I'll miss my home.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME!" I heard him scream.

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