Chapter X

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A certain melancholy set up on the master for he dismissed me from serving him food and only Mr

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A certain melancholy set up on the master for he dismissed me from serving him food and only Mr. Eugene was sent from time to time to tend to his wishes. Mr. Howard saw no one, went out no more, and the extra help was dismissed from Stanley Hall leaving the house empty to its echoes and ghosts. The rest of the staff was drained of its enthusiasm expecting orders to close the house would soon come and Mrs. Hall sent me to clean a room which was a tucked away on a floor above the bedchambers in a tower facing east.

"Tidy it up as best as you can, do not let it be known that you were there to anyone else, I fear we should be going back to the sea shore soon if the master does not recover from his spirits," she gave me a key to the room though I was curious what sea shore was Mrs. Hall mentioning but I did not have the boldness to pry.

"Yes Mrs. Hall."

The stoned steps were a narrow way up with small windows to illuminate the darkened climb and the long rusty key unlocked the chamber. The door's hinges creaked as the door swung open and revealed a mess of rugs thrown on the floor and the linen covered objects which I could not guess what they were for I cleaned around them. The fireplace was not so bad as the patting of the curtains and when I saw the view of the roaring blue sea, the faint morning glow, and the wind blowing against the trees made the beauty of the room insurmountable. So I sat by the closed window and wondered how could the master be depressed here and how right Mrs. Hall was of when she talked of Stanley Hall's glory. Then a pang of family memories brought me down and I wondered how Daniel, Joan and mother were doing while I enjoyed the beauty of Stanley Hall as they did their best in London in our small little crowded home.

"What are you doing here?" The master walked in on me sighing at the view and I got up immediately from the window.

"Mr. Howard, sir, I..."

"Why are you sitting on that window looking at me like that?" He looked confused almost dazed as if he had lost sense of himself. "Did my father put you up to this? I told you I would not change my mind! Get out! Out with you, you wretched, wretched..." Unknowing whether he recognized me or was shouting for having come up to the room I walked towards the door to calm him down.

"Forgive me master, yes master," just then he took a great fall to the rug which lifted the settled dust.

"Sir? Sir! Mr. Howard wake up!" I tapped his face afraid he would wake up and shout at me if I smacked him then shook his shoulders yet nothing, "Help! Someone help! No, no, no, no, no!" I put my ear to his hear and it was beating very fast and then I noticed his dry lips.

"Oh God I need help!"

The tower was a long way from everyone and afraid of leaving I opted for the water in a vase I had brought flowers for and threw away the flowers then lifted his mouth up to drink it.

"Drink this sir please," I tried to talk to him but nothing so I splashed some water on his face and prayed while dropping the liquid into his throat. "Dear Lord you must help him, do not let him die, not like this, not with me, not in this unhappiness please."

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