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Chapter 7, Overruled

"Hopefully not," I gasped.

"What do they want with them?" asked Renee loudly.

"I have no idea. Why would anyone need three teenage girls?" As our minds went wild, there was a knock at the door.

Click. Click. Click.

"What do we do?" asked Renee in a hushed tone. She looked at us with fear-striken eyes. Do we open the door, or not? Who is there?

"Chrissa, go answer it," whispered Missy and pushed me towards the door. I looked at her in protest.

"What if it's an ax murderer?" I asked quietly but pointedly.

"Better it to be you answering the door," she said and motioned me forward.

"Fine... If I die, then I claim the right to call you a bitch after that."


I slowly paced towards the door. My shakey hand placed itself on the knob and it emmitted a sickly rattle because of it. I gulped and switched the door unlocked. We all went silent. I looked outside to find...

A note.

A piece of paper in a sheet protector was taped to the outside of the door. I snatched it off and shut and locked that door ASAP.

"There was a paper," I said calmly while walking back and holding it out.

"What a relief, you haven't been killed yet," said Nikki.

"What a tragedy, you haven't been killed yet," said Missy mockingly.

"Wow, Missy, thanks," I retorted. "Anyway," I said, speaking to the rest of the group. "It reads- Girls, do not be alarmed. Well, you probably should be. Make up your pretty little minds at the end of this letter. These girls, Heather, Nina, and Sabrina (or so they call themselves) are to be kept with us as ransom until the following demands are met. If you choose to take longer, more motivations will appear. Or shall we say... disappear? Please read these carefully and intently. It is nine o'clock. Your first warning will come at ten. You have one hour." I paused the reading for a moment to just take in the words. The letters on the page were there. Obviously they are, I'm reading them aloud. But I am unable to hear them. I see but do not hear. I cannot comprehend the possible death sentences my friends are facing. I can't understand the true horror of this situation and I probably won't until it is over and done with... if we ever make it that far... If I ever make it that far.

"And on this twentieth day of June, I set forth these demands. One. We request that you bring us the stash. It is located in the bedroom of the eldest members of the house. Inside the wardrobe on the right bottom-most drawer there is a key. Remove it and unlock the safe in the left top-most drawer. Bring the unlocked safe."

I looked up at everyone. Missy sat on the edge of her chair, not knowing what to do. Whitney was meditating, just listening to the world around her and taking in the letter through her own way. Renee sat by the window, looking out at the booming storm that was abrew. Her face showed signs of distress. Sara sat with her, a hand on her shoulder, giving her comfort. Sara was always a calm, caring girl. Nikki just sat there, feeling out of place and not knowing how to interpret the letter to get her bestfriend -Sabrina- back.

"Two." My voice wavered, but I continued anyway. "We request that you pack a suitcase containing all of the following items. The suitcase may be found in the bottom of Sabrina's closet." I read off the list of things. It included Sabrina's clothes items, her favoirite posessions, snacks, toiletries, and other necessities.

Are they kidnapping Sabrina?

"Three." I paused to make sure everyone was doing alright. One shakey breath later, and I began. "Do not tell any authorities, neighbors, relatives, or ANYBODY until two days from now." I frowned. "Then, there's directions."

"Directions to where?" snapped Missy, snatching the paper from my hand.

"220 Donalan Boulevard," she read. "Isn't that like... a ghetto road?"

"Missy!" I gasped. "Don't talk like that!"

"Yeah, Missy," mumbled a bunch of people.

"Fine, fine. Isn't that in the slums, too?" asked Missy, evilly.

"Shut up, Missy, just shut up!" I cried.

"Who died and made you queen of Sabrina's party train wreck?" asked Missy sourly.

"It's a democracy," I retorted. "All for my leadership skills?" Everyone raised their hand except Missy.



Author's Note: Sorry for not updating since my birthday. I haven't been motivated to work on this story... well tah-dah. Here you go. I've noticed A LOT of people adding this to their library so I figured I'd give them more to read than just a couple pages. :) But on the good side, you've all managed to keep this on the horror list since October 17th. A+!

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