Chapter 5

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"Well Bells, looks like we will be keeping an eye on you even more than usual" I said as I got up and went to the restroom. Edward and Bella were arguing outside. They were in the back so no one paid any attention at first.

"Nice how you guys are so observant" I said. Everyone turned their heads to the window and saw Edward and Bella fighting. I was the first one outside.

"Okay just calm down what's wrong?" I asked calmly.

"Edward Jacob and the pack would never hurt me! Jake would never let anything bad happen to me. I am going whether you like it or not!" Bella shouted as she stomped down the stairs and walked around to the front and got in her truck and drove off.

"What happened?" Esme asked

"She wanted to go to the rez, but I told her no she couldn't" Edward said. I laughed and smirked

"Really Edward? Are you that idiotic? Bella is going to do whatever the hell she wants to do." I told him

"Yeah, she resembles someone in this family so much" Alice said. I turned and rolled my eyes

"Yeah I know we're both alike. Which is why you don't tell Bella what to do or you'll just piss her off even more. Do you want that because I know for sure that she'll go and do something worse just to make you madder?" I stated "But whatever tell her what to do and see what she does when you do" My phone started to ring

Badass Werewolf ;) calling. I smiled at what my phone said. Edward tried to snatch my phone out of my hand, but I answered before he could.



Uhm who's this?

Be quiet you know who this is

I zoomed off into the woods as I talked on the phone. Before I could be questioned.

Sorry, had to get away from the family. *I laugh*

*He chuckles* Meet me tonight in the woods?


Please? *He says in a whining voice*

Sure I guess what time?

10 p.m tonight. See you then beautiful.

And the line goes dead. He hung up. I smiled to myself. Wait why am I smiling? I should be fustrated right? I am so confused! I ran back to the house and walked inside casually. I looked at the clock and it was 6, 4 hours until I meet Seth.

"So why'd you leave?" Rosalie asked

I shrugged "Because I didn't want people to hear my conversation or read my mind about it cough cough Edward!" I said and glared at Edward and he just chuckled. I went to my room shutting the door behind me. What does Seth want to talk about? Is it like something the wolves are planning to do and he's warning me? But, wouldn't he have told me that while we were on the phone. Ugh. Little did I know I had laid in bed for 2 and a half hours. I looked at my clock and it was already 8:30.

"Better get ready" I mumbled to myself and got up off my bed heading towards my shower in my bedroom. I took a 20 minute shower and dried my hair for ten more. I decided I was going to curl my long hazel hair. It took me 20 minutes to get it perfect. Why am I trying to look so good for Seth?

"Stupid emotions I hate you right now I really do." I told myself. Once I finished curling my hair I put it up and put a bow in it.

I put on some ripped skinny jeans light blue, a white tank top and a light blue scarf that matches the bow in my hair.

I turn to the clock and it is exactly 10 that's when I get a phone call.


Meet me where we first met.


And we hung up. I didn't want to go out the front because then everyone would question me and I don't feel like being questioned plus I can't let anyone know who I am meeting. I walked to the clear glass doors and opend them up and jumped out into a tree. (Ya know, like how Edward does with Bella in Twilight). I jump from tree to tree and spot Seth. I smile to myself and when he isn't paying attention that's when I jump.

He turned and saw me "Woah you startled me" I laughed

"You look beautiful" I felt my cheeks get warm. What the hell that's never happened before?

"I thought vampires couldn't blush?" Seth asked confused

"We aren't why?" I asked confused as to why he asked

"Because you just did" I didn't say anything I was completely confused how the hell did I blush?

"So why'd you want to meet up?" I asked him.

"Well because once I just wanted to see you and two because I have something important to tell you"

I smiled when he said he just wanted to see me. "Okay, so what's so important that you couldn't tell me on the phone?" I asked wanting him to hurry up and get to the point.

"I imprinted on you." He blurted out.

-Awhh Seth finally tells her he imprinted on her how cute! What do you think she'll say about it? (: And I hope you guys liked this updated love you <3

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