Chapter 4

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Seth's POV

"Seth tell me you didn't!" Leah screeched and I knew what she was asking about if I just imprinted on that vampire girl.

"No" I said nervously "Like I really didn't"

Everyone seemed skeptical at first but eventually believed me. We arrived at Emily's and walked inside smelling her cooking. She is one of the best cooks in the entire world.

I wasn't hungry surprising I know, but I just kept thinking about that girl. I was leaning against the back wall. Jake seemed to notice and walked over to me.

"Hey Seth let's go for a walk?" He asked and I nodded. We walked out of Emily's and started to walk to La Push Beach. Jake is like an older brother to me. So he always knows when something is up with me no matter what it is. I can never lie to him.


I walked inside and was bombarded with questions.

"Where have you been?" Edward asked

"Lacey, I saw you walking in the woods and all of a sudden it just went black what happened??" Alice asked concerned for my safety.

"I have been out. I told Edward I was going for a walk" I stated. Before anyone else could ask any more questions I zoomed up to my room. I shut the door and locked it. I kept thinking about that kid. He is really cute not gonna lie, not like anything can ever happen not that I want something to happen I'm just sayin'. I think he is the newest wolf the small brown, sandy colored one that growled at me when I landed in the creek. His wolf form is cute as well. Lace; don't think like that he is a different species completely different. He is your natural born enemy get him out of your head. That night I laid on the couch just thinking about him, unfortunately. Why can’t I get him out of my head? This is not cool at all!

The next day I was in the woods. Up in a tree just sitting there watching the animals, no not hunting them just watching them. I find the forest peaceful and good place to get away from everyone for a while. I heard a noise like someone moving a bush and instantly jumped down.

"Who's there?" I asked. "I can kick your butt whoever you are" I said with confidence. The person chuckled and came into view. He was the boy that I healed, the wolf from the other night.

"Uh Hi?" I asked. He smiled wide and proud. His smile was charming and contagious soon I smiled.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him

"I just wanted to say thanks for healing me yesterday"

"Yeah, no problem. You know being on this side is suicide right?"

"Yeah I realize that, but I had to thank you" He said putting a hand behind his head and rubbing his neck.

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