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"There's no one there to hit your tosses.


What can you do besides your king toss?


No one wants to hit your tosses.

That's not true!

No one's there, who are you setting to?

Shut up!

Everyone's gone.

Go away! You're just a voice...

They left.

Your own team doesn't respect you-who'll respect you if you own team doesn't?

No one will."

The voices in Kageyama's head wouldn't go away. Nightmares. Thoughts. The remainder of his junior high experience.

"Set to me! I'll hit any kind of toss! Just set to me!"

But Hinata was there for Kageyama. Usually the Nightmares would just lead to Kageyama waking up, panting and sweating. There was never a happy ending- except for this moment.


"Just toss to me! I believe you can do it!"

It wasn't that obvious at first, but Kageyama realized soon enough. He couldn't live without Hinata. Volleyball was nothing without Hinata.

"WAH, THE BALL JUST STOPPED IN FRONT OF MY EYES! YOU REALLY ARE AWESOME KAGEYAMA!" This scene had replayed in his head constantly but never in his dreams.


"Awesome! Awesomeeee!"...


Kageyama slammed down on the alarm and sat up sleepily. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Just another day... time to go to volleyball practice.

Wait a second.



His eyes widened in realization. He should go to the hospital to visit, right now. He jumped off the bed and got everything ready and proceeded to run.

"Tobio!" A woman's voice called out from behind him.

"Yeah, mom?"

"Where are you going? Not to school, it's a bit early for volleyball isn't it?"

"I'm going to the hospital. To visit my... friend."

"Oh," She said surprised that Kageyama had acknowledged someone as his friend. "You should bike, it's a bit far. Be careful!"

"Right. Thanks."

And so he biked. It was far but worth biking to.


"Because I care for you... you dumbass... and I can't do with the fact if you actually can't hit my sets anymore."

Did Kageyama really say that? He... cared? Hinata had thought of himself as practically useless most of the time, and his only use was his quick. But... Kageyama had... said...

Hinata couldn't bring himself to think it, it was all too confusing. What could he think after all? He was a mess. His feelings were all bundled up randomly. What the heck was wrong?

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