Carefully, trying to keep my balance I wedge the crowbar into the hem of the window and push it open- hearing a slight crack the window slowing begins to open as I push it further. Dropping the crowbar onto the ground I tell Bellamy to start the timer and he does; I push myself through the window only just fitting and with a loud thud I hit the floor. It's only a small drop but big enough for me to hit my head hard.

The room was regularly big, with a glass window where students would often talk to the office ladies and computers on my side of the glass; five of them, each labeled with a different number and draw underneath. The walls are painted a miserable grey and the only sign of life is the bookshelf in the corner with oldish books stacked un-neatly on it. The wooden floor itself is clean except the few scattering papers spread across it : the room is basically a mess. I get Raven on the phone and she begins to talk to me.

" Raven can you hear me??" I ask through the phone
" Yeah, tell me what you see."
" An office, Raven it's a mess" I say hurriedly
" Ok ok go to the one on the right from the middle, no.605 I think." She orders

Desperately I look for the computer and I find it almost straight away and sit myself on the chair with the matching computer.
" I got it."
" Right the drawer underneath open it, look for a notebook with Passwords along the front."
" Where's the key??" I ask panicking, Clarke Clarke clam down ok....calm down.
" What key?" My panic level rises as she speaks through the phone.
" Raven the draw is locked, it needs a key to open it." I say frustrated but I get no reply from the other side of the phone.
" Raven!" I say louder in frustration. I hear mumbles from the other end until Bellamy speaks up.
" Clarke look for the key it has to be somewhere?" He says doubtfully
" Fuck this we don't have the time." I say frustrated and I tear 2 bobby-pins from my hair.
" Clarke talk to me??" Bellamy says worriedly.

I wedge both pins in the keyhole and feel around. Shit shit shit, this isn't gonna work.... I GOT IT. I let out a breath I knew I was holding.

" I got it open now what?" I say sighing heavily.
" 1minute and a half." Bellamy states confused slightly
" Look for a small, black notebook with red strips on the front.."

My hands trembling, I rummage through the draws and find the notebook and open it rushingly.
" What am I looking for in it??" I ask desperate.
" Alarm. system. identification. manufacture. label. Password - ASIMLP" she says loudly,I can see the tremble in her voice from the phone.

Looking.looking.looking.looking.....found it.

" 1minute Clarke you need to hurry up."
" found it what now?"
" You got the password?"
" Yes RAVEN I GOT THE PASSWORD." I say loudly, frustrated.
" Log onto the computer.." She begins but I cut her off
" Raven this things like 30years old, I don't have time where is the actual Alarm box!" I say through the phone."
" Clarke if you leave that room the alarms WILL go off." Bellamy says but I hear someone shushing him.
" Main entrance by the door." She says sighing," it's at the other end of the school Clarke you won't make it in time." She speaks but I'm already out the door.

Flying through the halls, making swift turns and jumping down floors I reach the main doors, still having my phone in my pocket I hear the others talking but I can't make out what they are saying and the alarms begin to murder me with their noise. But Bellamy shouts over them as I run my hands over the panel.
" 30SECONDS CLARKE. Just get out!! We'll figure something else out."

If that box goes off its your fault, if it goes off you'll ruin their lives, Octavia's life, Bellamy's life- I think to myself.

Running my sweaty hands over the panel, I click a button at the bottom and it flies open, revealing the numbers and letter on the inside. Forgetting my shaking hands, I open the notebook and look for the password and I find it:


" This is the longest password ever." I say to myself as I'm typing.
" Clarke 20seconds." Bellamy says from the phone.
"57424." I say as I finish off the password- it clicks green and I slump myself down the wall, my head resting agains it.
" I did it." I say into the phone panting
" You had 7 seconds." He laughs
" I could have bought you a Starbucks." I joke,' come around the front I'll let you's in."

"I'll see you in a second princess." Bellamy whispers into the phone
" Ok." I smile, at the calmness of his voice, but he doesn't need to know that

Ok so guys I'm so pathetic 😂😂 but I'm dead proud of myself because I haven't seen the new ep which BTW LOOKS FCKN AMAZING and I have giving up chocolate for lent and I haven't ate any yet😂 I'm just dead proud of myself don't know how long it will last though😂😂
Enjoy the chapter xxx

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