4)Finding Aurora

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"Glad You Came" by The Wanted
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The beautiful Chace Crawford won the comments/messages to play the role of Apollo! Not to worry any Hunter Parrish and Sam Claftin fans; I have both cuties playing other characters in this story...*Mwa-hahaha!*

Apollo stared at the large two-story house in a subdivision somewhere on the outskirts of Oregon. He was invisible, not feeling the wet sprinkler that would be hitting him had he appeared a solid being. If he concentrated hard enough, Apollo could feel his connection to the child that he had gifted the necklace to over seventeen years ago. Taking a step, he closed his eyes as he allowed the feeling of becoming solid take over. With another lazy flick of his finger, he turned the sprinkler off. A soft tingle took over before his body became more then transparent and a whole solid form. It was easier for him than becoming an animal. No bones needed to be shifted or broken, no feathers or scales needed to be grown or shed. Apollo's change to a human appearance held a more fluid grace then another change.

Apollo calmly stepped up the front porch, his insides churning excitedly. This was a grand day. He could not wait to see the young woman who was meant to be his! The immortal deity knocked on the door, and even rang the small, round doorbell. After a small face with a tuft of brown hair looked through the window beside the door, Apollo noted how the child of no more then seven years young. The boy took off, yelling as he went. "MOM! There's a guy at the door. He looks like he's a superhero!"

"Superhero," Apollo muttered to himself, puzzled by those words. Even though he had spent some time portraying himself as a mortal to work or watch over those he was charged with defending, some words still seemed strange to him. He knew what the term dubbed a 'super-hero' was, he just did not understand the context of which the boy was speaking. Human children were not the same as they once were. They were influenced nowadays by technological advances as well as interactions with other humans. Twas difficult trying to decipher what human adolescents or even young adults when they now spent their time communicating through cell phones and instant messaging. Call him old-fashioned, but Apollo's version of communication in his ancient time was speaking with someone in person or writing upon tablets of stone. Sometimes, even using carrier eagles.

It was only when Apollo glanced down and noticed he was still wearing his Olympic armor that he realized what the boy had been implying. By a human's standards, he looked ridiculous. A strong and sturdy golden armor covered his torso while heavily armored pants covered his legs. Hell, he still wore a golden wreath atop of his head! "I am a bloody fool," he muttered crossly, blinking to change his appearance. A crisp white t-shirt covered him while a dark green leather jacket covered his shoulders. Blue jeans covered his legs while a nice pair of in-style men's boots covered his feet. Apollo smiled to himself in satisfaction. He made a damn good-looking human when he wanted to play one. He ran a hand through his golden blond hair, purposely making it stand up at the front to provide him a more boyish appearance.

The door finally opened as a frazzled looking woman answered. Her deep red hair was tied back into a neat bun. Her green eyes looked tired. The woman was dressed in a black blazer and dress pants. A three-year old boy clung on her hip as the older male child ran around crazily in the background. Apollo instantly recognized the woman. He remembered her from the night she had given birth to his betrothed. The woman was older now, age provided her with laugh lines and the start of crows feet. "Can I help you?" said the woman tiredly.

"Yes, ma'am. I'm here to see Aurora." Apollo smiled politely. It did not hurt to butter up his soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Even though the woman looked tired and busy, Apollo could see the rush of blood in the form of a blush that enclosed her cheeks. She found him attractive."Er. Are you a friend?"

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