Chapter Twelve

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We walked down the quarter's sidewalks, as silent as ever. Normal. What could we possibly talk about?

"Um so, where are you from, Harlem?" Megan broke the awkward silence.


"Oh okay. I'm from Oakland, California."


We continued to stroll until she spoke again.

"I know you think all the girls back at the house hate you. But that's not true. I don't hate you."

I looked at her, impassively.

"I'm serious. Instead, I wanna know you. I wanna learn how to be tough."

I found myself chuckling.


She smiled a little.

"I know it's odd to say but I mean it."

"What makes you think you can learn how to be tough with me?"

She raised a brow.

"Are you serious? Look at you. You're a clear example of independence. Tough is written all over your face."

I laughed at a little.

"You're crazy."

"I'm serious. Bree and Bella fear you. And so do the other girls. They can't do anything to you and that's why they prefer to gossip and minimize you, cuz that's the only way they can get to you."

Megan wasn't that quiet after all.

I didn't answer her and continued to stroll. We reached the cafeteria and I looked at my time. It was nine. Great! I was starting to feel hungry.
Other people too were arriving.

"I'm going in for breakfast." I told Megan,  "You coming or nah?"

She seemed to brighten up a little.

"Oh, you want me to join you?"

I raised a brow with a confused expression.

"Sure? You're not hungry?"

"Oh, I am. I'm just– you know what? Forget it. Let's go."

She was one strange kid.

We entered the cafeteria and joined the line.
Soon we were served and went to look for a table, our trays in our hands.

We found a table and sat down. I was about to eat when I noticed Rick and two of his friends pass by. When he saw me, he stopped and made his way towards our table.

"Good morning, ladies." he said, casually.

"Good morning." Megan replied, blushing.

"Hi." I said.

"I saw y'all yesterday, right? Beta babies?"

"Yes." Megan quickly replied. I stared at her, a brow raised in disbelief. "You remember us?" she added, smiling.

Rick smirked at her before saying,

"No." Then he turned to me, "I remember her."

"Oh..." Megan muttered.

I looked at him without speaking.

"Sorry honey, but I didn't get your name last night." he said, eying me. I felt immediately disgusted. He was handsome, yes, but clearly a jerk too.

"I gat no name, honey." I replied casually and taking a bite into my bread.

His friends chuckled and he smirked.

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