Chapter 3

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(Just letting you all know that i changed the girls name to Kate)

I sat on the couch watching tv.'This is so boring!' I herd Loki walk into the room."Kate! I need a drawing book!" I ignored him and kept watching the tv.

He sighed and walked over to me. Instead of standing in front of the tv to block the view he covered my eyes with his hand."Did you hear what i said?" I frowned."Loki! Yes! I herd what you said!! Just...take your hand off my eyes!! Your freaking me out!" He moved away.

"Kate, i need a drawing book." I frowned again."I herd you the first time!"

He crossed his arms."Why aren't you saying something about it?" I looked up at him, away from the tv."It's because of how rude your being."

He rolled his eyes."Fine. Kate, can i 'please' have a book to draw in?" I smiled."Much better."

I stood up and walked into the study room to find a pencil, rubber and a book. I pulled out an art book and gave it to him, then kept looking for the other things. He smiled at it and opened it.

Once i found a pencil and rubber Loki asked "Who's this?" I turned around and saw Loki looking at a drawing of a shirtless guy in the book. I quickly snatched the book off him.

I went red."I forgot that was there." I ripped the page out and screwed it up, throwing it in the little bin. Loki kept smiling at me.

"What!?" He didn't say anything."I drew that ages ago so...stop looking at me like that!" I gave him the pencil and rubber then quickly walked out. I herd him follow me.

"Your a good drawer." I rolled my eyes and sat back on the couch."Leave me alone!" He sat next to me on the couch."Seriously, i'm so close to kicking you out."

He laughed."Your a funny mortal!" I frowned."Mortal?" He coughed and turned to face me."Let me tell you who i am." I sighed and turned the tv off."Tell me." He looked really excited to tell me."Ok so, my name is Loki and i am from Asgard! I'm prince of Asgard. And so uh...i'm a God! And i am here because...well...i'v never been here before and father said i could go."

I gave him a funny look."I don't know why i should believe you."

He sighed. Suddenly the tv remote started to float in mid air. I gasped and jumped on Loki."What the...!?!"

He started to laugh. I looked at him."Your doing this!?" He looked down at his hand and so did i.

Green smoke and sparkles started coming out of his hand.He looked at me."Do you believe me yet? I can do more." I shook my head."No no...i-it's fine." He smiled.

The remote fell back on the coffee-table and the green smoke and sparkles disappeared. I sat there leaning on Loki for a few seconds, then i realised what i was doing.

I quickly got off him."Um, a God...and a prince?" He nodded. I moaned and walked away.

'I can't handle all this!' I walked into the kitchen and got a drink of water.

I called out to Loki."So Loki, i was thinking that i should get you a place to stay!"

He then called back."Why can't i stay here!?" I walked into the lounge room."Because...i don't want you staying here." He looked up from what ever he was drawing and looked at me."But i want to stay here." I crossed my arms.

"Your really weird!" He frowned."I'm weird!? Your weird!!" He pointed at the tv."I mean...what on earth is that...hideous...funny shaped thing!!!" I couldn't help but laugh."Stop laughing!!"

"Mate, thats a tv!" He crossed his arms and looked away."I am now hurt!" I kept laughing and walked away.


It was now dark outside and i was dishing up tea. Loki had literally been drawing all day.

"Loki, tea's dished up!" I herd him get up and walk to the table. He sat down and watched me.

As i was putting the chicken on his plate i felt his eyes on me. I stopped what i was doing and looked up. As soon as my eyes were on him he quickly looked away.

I frowned and continued dishing up. I grabbed both plates and two knives and folks. I placed them on the table and sat on the opposite side of Loki.

He looked down at the food."This looks delicious." I just smiled and started to eat.

Loki shoved a massive piece of chicken in his mouth.I looked up and gave him a funny look. He smiled."Sorry." I shook my head and kept eating.

I carefully looked at his hands. I'v got to say, they are massive! His fingers are so long and skinny.

I herd Loki chuckled."Are you ok?" I quickly looked up at Loki."Sorry?" He smiled."You were staring at my hands." I giggled."Oh, sorry." He sat there staring at me. I sighed."I'm gonna...go in for a shower."

I stood up and took my plate, taking it over to the sink. I then went up stairs.

After a few minutes i was in the bathroom turning the shower on.

Because i'm usually here by myself i have the door open a little bit, which i don't know why. I guess i forgot about it and left the door open a little bit.


I got out of the shower and dried my body. Then i wrapped the towel around my head and started drying my hair.

Suddenly the door opened. I quickly stood up straight. Loki walked in. I screamed and covered myself with the towel.

"Get out you pervert!!" He covered his eyes with his hand and tried to walk out. Instead he walked straight into the door frame. He tried again but hit the other side of it, then he finally walked out.

I placed my hand on my chest."Oh my god."


I had gotten dressed in my pj's and i started brushing my wet hair.

There was a quiet knock at my door."Come in."

The door slowly opened and Loki walked in with his head down. I looked at him and then looked away.

"I'm sorry." I just kept brushing my hair."Just letting you know...i'm not a pervert. I seriously didn't mean to walk in like that. I-i saw the door open a little bit and so i thought you had finished in there."

I looked at him."It's alright. I didn't mean to call you a pervert." He nodded."Just saying...i only saw your chest...i-i didn't see your...bre-yea."

I frowned."Um...can you not...keep going on about it." He nodded."Right, sorry."

He went to go walk out."Loki?" He stopped and turned around. I smiled."Hows your head?" He smiled too."It's hurts, but it wont kill me." I giggled."Ok."

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