Chapter 3 Ladders (Rocky's POV)

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I look around to eat remembering that I was starving, I try to grab a can but I vaguely know where it is. As what seemed to be forever I finally got a hold of something I didn't know what it was so I had to smell it. It smelt all turkyish and I decided to eat it. As I whipped down to eat it I felt the adredaline inside me begin to rise. My hunger fell away and I had no appetite for any more food. My head was dizzy. Very dizzy. And with that I fell to the floor. I had a dream a nightmare in reality, I was walking to get my daily foods when I seen the cats in the cages become executed. Then mist swirled around me and I was somewhere creepy. I wandered around and as I went around I seen unimaginable thoughts and heard painful meows. As I kept walking I seen cats exactly like me being tortured and with that I woke up. I knew that I couldn't stay still I had to do something but the question was what could I do. I relize that my dream was telling me something and it was supposed to be the futere. At least in my thoughts it's the future. I call my friend and ask for his name. Happily he replies "Blizzard" and walks back to sleep. I knew that Blizzard and I had to release the cats but I need to find a strategy. A while later Blizzard yawns and looks around for food. When he found nothing he aaid that we need a mission and I knew that we had to be on the same page. He shouts out that we are in need of a mission for food and I start to feel what type of fool I was. Reluctantly I told him my plan and Blizzard snapped back one simple word "FOOD!!!" so I decide that I have to add food in it somehow. Now that I have a plan I walk cautiously  to Blizzard and tell him i will get the food and he will collect the cats. We agree and I decide to carry out the mission immediately. I knew that they would be going for the wet food section and there was also dryfood so I had to go for that. After Bring two cat sized bags home I decide to check up on Blizzard and help him. When I get there I notice that he has released them and was waiting for me. A moment of silence came and Blizzard broke the silence by saying. I give you the king of the slashers!!! All of a sudden There was immediate meowing and purring. On the way back I thanked Blizzard for crowning me king. We had a feast with the dry food and decided to leave the horrid place

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