Spoiler Alert: Laurens Is Gay

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The morning sun rays on Alexander's face felt like a death laser of death and suffering, forcing him to wake up on a goddamn Friday morning when he didn't have classes until midday. One day in and he already missed his old dorm room, in which the light usually didn't do horrible things like illuminate the room. That thought made him definitely wake up. He looked around, suddenly remembering that he had a new dorm room. He scanned his surroundings like a guardian robot, there was his new desk, already covered with a cluster of papers. He saw a glimpse of his suitcase on the floor, and John Laurens sleeping next to him, naked.


"Oh hell no—"

Alex felt as if someone had just throw a bucket of freezing water and piranhas to his head. This was definitely not his new bed, it reeked the smell of the boy laying besides him. That made him panic even more. And he could swear he almost had both a heart attack and a stroke when he realized that he, too, was naked.

Frightened, he tried to recall the previous night. His brain's answer? "This is what you get for being a little shit". He remembers John Laurens entering the room, he remembers himself claiming that John was gay. Straight guys like Laurens usually get extremely offended when someone calls them gay, and it was revenge for that one time he hit on Angelica like, a year ago.

He hadn't counted on the possibility of the other male being actually gay and very sexually depressed.

And somehow, that lead him to have sex with John Laurens, the biggest fuckboy in school, last night.

The Caribbean boy tried his best not to screech externally and sit up, but a firm pressure on his hips kept him from accomplishing the latter and pressed him close to Laurens.

"Oh great, he's also a cuddler. That's so goddamn cute— NO"

He was having a really hard time accepting it, but John was honestly very attractive, and hella good in bed (Even if he was a bit confused. The boy knew next to nothing about gay sex). He was also sweet in the act, which was something Alex would've never expected. But that didn't matter, because no matter how much he secretly enjoyed the previous night, it wasn't gonna happen ever again.

Or maybe just once— NO.

What's wrong with you!? His logical side scolded him.

"What? Last night was hot as fuck" His dick counterattacked "Get it? As fuck because—"

"I want death" Alexander mumbled out loud.

While his neurons were having an existencial crisis, he was already thinking of a thousand different ways to kill himself for his stupidity, how could he let this happen!? His moment of panicking was briefly interrupted by his roommate's arms tightening around his thin body, bringing him even closer.

"Hey, guess you were right" John said with that hoarse morning voice which sounded unquestionably sexy, he couldn't ignore his dick on this one.

"Told you so, gay ass" He grumbled, trying to save whatever was left from his dignity.

John chuckled slightly and buried his head on Alexander's neck. Cuddler.

"You're not gonna tell anyone about this, are you?" The Nevisian asked after a beat of silence.

"Of course not, last night is coming with me to the grave" Laurens responded.

"Good, this was a one time-thing"

Another beat of silence.

"Why not a two-time thing?" John suggested.

Hello?? Self-control, are you there??

Nope, it's gone.

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