The following day...

Okay Claire so big deal you'll be staying with Xavier that isn't so bad you can just be very careful and avoid him as best as you can.

Claire then gets ready for school and has breakfast after she is finished her dad comes down the stairs.

"Morning sweety."

"Morning dad."

"So I called Xavier he will come pick you up for school."

"What! Dad why did you do that, I am perfectly capable of going to school on my own."

"I know you are but I thought you would have liked that."

"Well I don't, call him back and tell him I won't need a ride."

After Claire says that they hear a knock on the door.

"I think its too late to call him now"


Claire then storms out of the kitchen and open the front door.

"Hey Claire." Said Xavier

But Claire doesn't reply she only stares at him.

"Hi Xavier, thanks again for picking up Claire." Said mr Michaelson

"It's no problem sir, well I guess we should go then, good bey sir."

"Goodbey have a nice day."

Claire then quickly and quietly makes her way to Xavier's car and gets in, after talking to her father Xavier comes to his car and gets in the drivers seat and starts driving.

"So looks like you'll be staying at my house."

But he still doesn't get an answer he looks over at Claire and sees her stairing out of the window.

"Claire come on talk to me."

Still no answer

"Seriously your giving me the silent treatment."

Xavier then comes to an abrubt stop and Claire punches him in the arm.


"No I was just simply trying to get you to talk to me and I succeeded."

"Screw you."

"Claire could you please stop this."

"Stop what?"

"This attitude, I don't know if you have noticed but you can try anything that you want I wont leave you alone, plus you'll be staying at my house how do you expect to avoid me when we're under the same roof."

"I don't know how I'm gonna do it but I will, so if you are done now could you please drive I don't wanna be late."


Xavier then starts the car and continue their journey to school. When they arrive Claire couldn't have gotten out of his car any faster by the time he finished unbuckeling his seat belt she was already on her way inside the building. Marcus and the rest of his crew then comes to his car.

"Yo Xavier, how's it going we just saw Claire running inside the schools building like her ass caught on fire." Said Marcus

"Hi yeah she sort of hates me now."
"Bro what did you do."

"All I did was say she's beautifull."

"And she got angry?"

"Yeah man she's really insecure about herself."

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