Preference 1 - The name he calls you

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Patrick: Mon Cherie

Your favourite song off of the American Beauty/American Psycho album was 'Irresistible' as Patrick thought about you while he was writing with Pete. So naturally Patrick puts all your pet names into the song hoping you didn't notice or mind. Unfortunately for Patrick you did notice but he was glad that you didn't mind.

Joe: His Precious

After watching Lord of The Rings. Joe started going around calling you 'his precious' in a Gollum voice. One day while doing this you got bored and decided to film the entire thing. When you sent the footage from filming to the rest of Fall Out Boy, Joe couldn't understand why the guys were laughing at him all the time next time they had band practise.

Pete: Pizza Lady

You met Pete as a pizza delivery lady who in his eyes was 'incredibly sexy' from what you remember. "Y/N!! Can we get pizza tonight?" Pete would always ask you and when you got on the phone to order some pizza Pete would come up behind you and cuddle you saying "I love you Pizza Lady" which would always make you laugh.

Andy: Drummer Girl

Andy has been a completely supportive boyfriend when you suddenly told him you wanted to take up the drums after he found you playing on his in the basement of your house. Andy taught you everything he knew and bought a second drumkit especially for you in your favourite colour. Andy has also become a chauffeur to every one of your performances because he wanted to attend all your performances sitting in the front row. After every performance he'd drive you home asking how his 'drummer girl' is feeling.

A/N: Okay before I start. I am Australian therefore the way I spell certain words is different such as mum instead of mom. I figured it would be easier to tell you before I get a bunch of people trying to correct my spelling. Also I'm in my final year of schooling and so I don't know how often I'd be able to update this. I'll stop now.....enjoy!! - Aimzyrulez

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