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            “Hey baby, how do you feel?” Jace asked me as he slowly crept into my room. It was the day after our date and I was running a high fever.

            I groaned in response. “I feel like I’m on fire.”

            Jace sat down next to me on my bed and kissed my forehead. “Sorry that you’re sick.” He said putting his arm around me. I let my body sink into his.

            “It’s not your fault.” I said back as I yawned again.

            Jace chuckled. “Are you seriously still tired?” He asked. I nodded. “You’ve slept like all day.”

            I shut my eyes and laughed. “Being sick tends to warp all your energy.”

            “I guess you’re right.” He sighed kissing my forehead again. “Well, I have work to do so I’m going to let you sleep.” He said getting off my bed.

            I sat up hearing his footsteps moving towards the door. “Jace,” He turned. “Can you check on Romance for me?” I asked. He smiled and nodded.

            “Of course,” He said before quietly exiting my room. I groaned falling back onto my bed. I used up all my energy to just sit up. “God help me!” I groaned pulling the blankets over my head. This is going to be a long couple of days.

            “Camille,” Tanya sang as she waltzed into my room. “Time for school!” I groaned and pulled the covers over my head again.

            “I’m still sick.” I grumbled feeling like I haven’t slept in days.

            She sighed. “It’s just a half day today. You’ll be home by twelve and then tomorrow is Thanksgiving.”

            I gave in. “Alright, I’m up.” I slowly got out of bed and dragged myself into my bathroom.

            “Breakfast will be ready when you come down.” Tanya said smiling as I started my shower.

            “Sounds good.” I said back as started getting ready for school.

            “Bye Tanya,” I said after I finished breakfast.

            She smiled at me sympathetically. “Hang in there kiddo.” She said taking my plate from in front of me. I hopped off the bar stool and walked out of the door. I was instantly hit by a wave of freezing air.

            “Good morning, beautiful.” Jace greeted pulling me into a hug. “You look like you’re feeling better.” He commented.

            “If only I felt that way.” I grumbled into his shoulder. His body rumbled as he laughed.

            “You ready to go to school for like three hours?” He asked opening the door to his truck, that he finally got fixed, for me.

            I sighed. “No, but I guess I don’t have a choice.”

            “That’s the spirit.” He cheered starting the engine.

            We drove to school in silence, the only noise coming from the radio. Our fingers were laced together as he drove. “I don’t want to go in.” I whined.

            “Three hours, Cam.” He said shutting off the engine and looking at me. “And with me in all your classes, it will fly by.”

            And who knew that he would be right. School ended up being nothing but sitting there and listening to the teachers talk about their plans for the week we were off. Every teacher seemed to do the same thing. Not grade papers and relax at home. The typical life of a teacher.

            “See that wasn’t that bad, was it?” Jace asked smiling. I just nudged him with the ribs with my elbow.

            I shook my head. “Not one bit.”

            “So what’s your plan for the rest of the day?” Jace asked me as we walked to his car.

            I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t have any.” I smiled.

            “Now you do.” He said draping his arm around my shoulders. I laughed and leaned into him even more.

- - - - - - - - -

Okay, so I know it’s been forever! I know this is rushed, but I’m trying to get to Thanksgiving day without just skipping days. That will be the next chapter. I have finally thought of a good ending to this story and I might possibly write a spin-off story from this one. I’m not totally sure yet. Let me know what you think.

Oh yea! Romance will be coming back not in the next chapter, but maybe two or three chapters afterwards :) Just to let you guys know.

Thanks for bearing with me and my lack of updates. School has been a pain in the a** lately and I’m almost done! It’s weird almost being considered a senior *shudders* time really does fly. – Hayley 

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