The Good News.

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Christine's P.O.V

I was laying down with Johnny in our hotel room and we were watching TV. My head was on his chest and his large hands were around me. Our bellies were full of pizza and Lava Cakes and now we were a bit sleepy. Our heads were  damp too because of our showers. Then I felt his hand slide up my back and I shivered. "Johnny..." I giggled. I ran my finger tips slowly from his stomach and up to his chest and watched the nerve bumps form on his skin. Then I felt my phone vibrate in my sleep pants pocket and I pulled away from Johnny. "Hey I'm gonna go smoked." He signed to me for the first time. I smiled and realized that he was learning sign language...for me. I nodded and he gave me a kiss. I sat up in bed as he walked out onto the patio and looked at my messages. It was from Courtney. "How did the visitation go?" She asked. I sighed sadly and replied, "It's tomorrow. I just got here today." I grabbed a soda out of the mini fridge by our bed and opened it. Once I took a sip, I got another message. "Ohh, Ok. Did Johnny go with you?" About that time Johnny walked in and I answered, "Yeah he did. He's right here with me." He was smiling and I signed, "What are you smiling about?" He shook his head. Johnny sat down beside me and I got another message. "Omg! Are you two having sex yet?!" I nearly choked on my soda and Johnny patted my back a little. "What was that?" He signed. I shook my head and replied, "No! Not yet! We're waiting until my ear surgery." I sent the message and Johnny took my soda away. We laid down together and He held me in his arms again. That's when I got another message and I groaned. I looked at it and said, "C'mon! Shane and I had sex already! I mean, yeah it was uncomfortable, but he helped me through it." I felt sick to my stomach. Uncomfortable? It's uncomfortable? I looked up at Johnny and saw him smiling at me. My heart started racing like a jack hammer and I knew that he was up to something. "I have to tell you something." He said. I nodded and sat my phone down and ignored any message that might come. "So, what is it that you want to tell me?" I signed. Johnny stroked his finger tips behind my ear and said, "I called an ear doctor that's in Lafayette and he said that as long as we have the paperwork from the last doctor visit, then we can get your ears fixed by Thursday." My heart stopped for a minute. Johnny was going to fix my ears for me? I was so happy I was about to cry. Johnny ran his finger tips along my cheek and I hadn't realized that I was crying. "Oh Johnny..." I kissed him so sweetly that he pulled me on top of him. We made out for a while until we were almost at the point of no return. Then I rolled off of him and rested my head against his chest. I was sad that tomorrow was the visitation, but I was happy that I would finally get what I dreamed for. I was finally going to hear for the first time.

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