✯ | chapter thirty one

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"Oh, God, I thought you were dead," she cried.

"I'm here, Sunshine," Bellamy whispered. "I'm okay."

Leila let go of Bellamy before punching him in the chest. "How could you? Don't you ever do that to me again, jackass!"

Bellamy smiled. "I won't, Sunshine."

"You better not," Leila muttered.

Bellamy looked at Clarke. "Where's your army?"

"Gone. Just like yours," Clarke replied. "Say you have a plan."

"Not really," Bellamy replied. "We need to talk to Dante. Maya says he's in quarantine."

"Clarke! Leila!" Jasper said, attacking both girls in a hug. Monty suddenly joined in, both of them happy to see their friends alive.

Maya's suit began to beep, resulting in Jasper heading over to her. "Thirty minutes? But we just changed it. That can't be right. It's her last tank."

"Hey. Uh, we'll find you another one," Clarke promised.

"All of the supplemental oxygen is on level five," Maya replied.

"Then we have to get you to level five," Jasper answered.

"Five isn't safe for any of us," Maya argued.

"We'll take the trash chute again," Jasper suggested. "It'll work."

"To get in, maybe," Bellamy nodded. "Maya's right. Every soldier in this mountain is there. We'll never make it out."

"We can do this," Jasper whispered. "Okay? We'll split up."

"Okay. You guys go for Dante," Octavia ordered. "We'll help Maya."


Bellamy, Clarke, Leila and Monty marched into Dante's room in solitary. The older man stood up when they entered, eyes landing on Clarke.

"Hello, Clarke," he greeted.

"Sir, we need your help again," Bellamy answered.

"It's okay," Monty assured him. "I took out the camera from the junction box in the hall. We can talk freely."

"No one's watching anyway," Dante replied. "Thanks to you, they're all on level five."

"You're not," Leila replied.

"No, I'm not," Dante nodded.

"Please. We don't have much time," Bellamy pressed. "We need a way to get our people out of this mountain without killing everyone."

"He's not gonna help us," Clarke said, when Dante simply stared at them.

"You cut the power, risking the lives of everyone in this mountain," Dante started. "My people. Even the ones who helped you."

"We knew they'd be safe on level five," Clarke snapped, marching towards the old man. "We made sure not to destroy the turbines so you could repair them. We're the good guys here. Not you."

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