✯ | chapter thirty one

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LEILA AND CLARKE, stubborn as ever, refused to leave with the rest of the Ark's people, instead taking a different route and ending up in the mines. Running along in the dark probably wasn't the best idea, and even though they had their friends deaths looming over them like a cloud of darkness, Clarke still let out a small laugh when Leila ran into a wall.

Despite the bump on her forehead, Leila drew her blade, waiting for any telltale signs of the Reapers, though she assumed that they had all retreated. What she didn't expect, as she rounded a corner, was to come face to face with another person, blade pointed directly at her.


"Octavia?" Clarke gasped. "You stayed."

"Screw you," Octavia spat. "Of course I stayed. I know where my loyalties lie."

"We have to get in there," Clarke demanded.

Octavia caught her wrist. "If that was possible, do you think I'd still be out here?"

Octavia gestured to a container, where, covered in blood and inhumanly pale, lay a girl, obviously dead. Leila looked at the girl before an idea began to formulate in her mind.

"Why did Lexa sound the retreat?" Octavia asked.

"Because she's a bitch?" Leila replied.

"She made a deal with Mount Weather, freed the Grounders, and now we're on our own," Clarke replied, marching towards a door and pounding her fists against it.

"Stop!" Octavia yelled, catching Clarke's hand. "They'll know we're here."

"She's right, Clarke," Leila agreed.

"What about Lincoln? There's no way he would have gone along with a plan like this," Octavia asked.

"He didn't," Clarke replied. "They took him."

Clarke realised her gun to the keypad that was glowing blue on the wall, only for Leila to grab her hand and push it downwards. "What's wrong with you?"

"I am getting through that door!" Clarke yelled.

"And that's your plan?" Octavia asked skeptically. "Bellamy's counting on you. Everyone's always counting on you!"

"Well, what do you want from me?" Clarke asked angrily.

"You trusted Lexa," Octavia spat. "You let a bomb drop on Tondc. You let all those people–"

"I am doing the best I can!" Clarke shouted.

"Yeah?" Octavia asked quietly. "Well, it's not good enough."

Suddenly the door beeped and Clarke raised her gun. Leila's heart almost stopped in her chest when Bellamy appeared in the doorway. Octavia greeted her brother with a hug, his eyes locked on Leila, who was standing with her arms limply by her sides.

When Octavia released Bellamy, Leila took that as her opportunity to fling herself at him. Bellamy caught the brunette as she wrapped her arms around his neck, her feet completely leaving the floor as she let tears roll down her cheeks, smudging the black warpaint surrounding her eyes.

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