✯ | chapter thirty

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"IT'S TAKING TOO long," Clarke muttered, pacing anxiously beside Lexa and Leila.

"It takes as long as it takes," Lexa replied. "What will you do when it's over?"

"I have no idea," Clarke answered honestly.

"Well, what do you want?" Lexa asked.

Clarke pondered her question for a moment. "Nothing. My people back. I can't think past today."

"You should come with me to the capital," Lexa suggested. "Leila, too."

"I'd love to, but I can't," Leila replied. "I've got my friends back here. Family."

"Polis will changed the way you think about us," Lexa explained.

"You already have," Clarke said quietly.

Suddenly gunfire echoed through the mountain, and Lincoln had shoved through the crowd to stand beside Leila. "It's coming from the dam."

"They know we're going for the power," Leila realised.

"They know we're going for the door," Lexa corrected.

Lincoln began shouting in Grounder, Monroe leaning forwards. "Raven will get it done. She's one of us."

"As soon as those lights go off, you push that button," Mr. Miller demanded.

"We'll do the rest," Lincoln asserted.

After a few more painfully long minutes, the lights on the doors flickered out. Clarke smiled in relief. "She did it."

"One minute starting now," Mr. Miller reported.

Clarke looked at Lexa before pressing the button. "For those we've lost."

"And those we'll soon find," Lexa finished, grabbing Clarke's hand and pressing the button, beginning the detonation. Nothing happened. Lexa eyes went wide; frantic. "What's wrong? Why isn't it working?"

"They're jamming us," Leila replied, snatching the detonator from Clarke and rushing out of their hiding place. "I have to get closer."

Suddenly gunfire rained down on them. Before Leila could even comprehend what had happened, Lincoln had shot out from behind the boulder, grabbing Leila around the waist with one arm and swinging her back behind the rock. Leila's feet physically left the floor due to the force of Lincoln's swing.

"Forty five seconds!" Mr. Miller shouted.

Lexa shouted something in Trigedasleng and a group of Grounders ran from the scene, the majority getting shot down before they made it five paces.

"What do we do?" Leila asked, ducking to avoid more bullets.

"If I can get there, I can trigger it manually," Mr. Miller suggested.

"No, you can't get there," Leila replied.

"For Nate, I have to try," Mr. Miller replied, and Leila knew that there was no talking him out of this.

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