✯ | chapter twenty eight

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CLARKE AND LEILA reentered Lexa's tent after being summoned by the Commander herself. Pulling back the hanging in the entrance, Leila noticed Lexa standing by a table, a roll of parchment in her hands as she played around with the aged paper.

"You sent for us?" Clarke asked.

"Yes," Lexa replied. "Octavia has nothing to fear from me."

"What?" Leila asked breathlessly.

"I do trust you, Clarke," Lexa said quietly.

Clarke stepped forwards. "I know how hard that is for you."

Lexa turned, her frown displaying her sadness. "You think our ways are harsh, but that's how we survive."

"Maybe life should be about more than just surviving," Clarke suggested. "Don't we deserve better than that?"

"Maybe we do," Lexa replied, closing the distance between herself and Clarke.

Leila's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "Holy crap. I'm just gonna go..."

"Wait!" Clarke called after her, pulling away from Lexa. "I'm sorry. I'm not ready to be with anyone. Not yet."

Lexa simply nodded. Clarke smiled apologetically before she and the other two females in the tent heard the sound of commotion from outside. A Grounder shouted something in Trigedasleng which sounded like 'the signal', but Leila was not too sure. She did, however, hear the shout for Lexa.

Exiting the tent with Clarke and Lexa, Leila's eyes widened when she saw a flare rising into the air, red against the blue and crystal clear in the sky. "Bellamy did it."

"You were right to have faith in him," Lexa whispered, as Leila turned to her with a thankful smile on her face. "Now we fight."

Lexa ran for the edge of the clearing, where, down below, hundreds of Grounders were awaiting the green light. Lexa shouted something in Trigedasleng, which sound like an order. Two Grounders raised horns to their lips and blew, cheers erupting from the crowd down below.

"To war!" Lexa yelled, the cheers growing louder as she shouted.


Marching through the woods, Leila had somehow been forced into the possession of a handgun, the weapon tucked safely in her waistband. She walked along beside Clarke, Lexa on the other side of the blonde, the army of Grounders following them.

They walked in silence, the tension between them so thick that it could've been cut with a pair of scissors, and would have continued to grow had Octavia not popped up beside Leila.

"Hey," Leila greeted.

"What do you want?" Octavia asked.

"I'm changing your mission," Clarke replied. "You're not going to the mines with Indra. I'm placing you in the rear guard, where you'll be safe."

"Like hell you are," Octavia spat. "I don't take orders from you. I take orders from Indra."

"I'm trying to protect you, Octavia," Clarke said, in an almost pleading voice.

"Protect me," Octavia repeated, as if Clarke's statement was a joke.

"One day, hopefully, you'll understand what I did," Clarke said in a hopeful voice.

"Never," Octavia retorted quickly. "I'll fight this war with you now because I want our friends back, but after that we're done."

Leila's heart sank as Octavia spoke the sentence to Clarke, wondering if she had lost one of the only friends she had ever had. Octavia was more than just a friend to her; she was a sister, and she would be damned if she lost her.

Indra appeared beside Octavia, who had taken a few extra paces ahead of Clarke, though when she spoke it was not directed towards Octavia. "The Commander's looking for you."

Clarke nodded and headed towards the front, leaving Leila and Octavia behind with Indra. Leila wanted nothing more than to speak with Octavia about what happened at the village, but she knew that now was not the right time.

"What was that about?" Indra asked curiously.

"Clarke's trying to reassign me to the rear guard," Octavia replied bluntly.

"You're a warrior," Indra replied. "You'll be in the mines with me. As will your friend, if she is willing to come," Leila smiled gratefully as Indra turned back to Octavia. "I know what bothers you. They knew about the missile."

"How could you not hate them?" Octavia asked, before catching Leila's saddened expression, her heartless gaze softening. "I don't hate you, Leila. Don't worry," Leila's frown turned into a small smile as Octavia's cold expression returned. "Indra, they almost killed you."

"They didn't do anything," Indra replied. "The enemy did. Lexa's a great Commander because she's ruthless. That's why we'll win this battle."

"That's wrong," Octavia argued angrily.

"That's war," Indra corrected, marching forwards and raising her sword.

Octavia looked at Leila. "I know what's wrong with you. You think that because you were with Clarke and Leila and you knew about the missile, I hate you."

"I did think that," Leila nodded sadly. "Please don't hate me, O. I wanted to come after you, but Clarke and Lexa wouldn't allow it."

Octavia nodded. "I don't blame you. I promise. You'll always be my favourite of our friendship group. You're like my sister and I'll be damned if I ever hate you."

"I love you, O," Leila smiled. "I'm glad you don't hate me. I don't think I could live with myself."

"Love you too, Loser," Octavia smiled, drawing her blade. "Now... let's win this war."

Leila unsheathed her blade, leaving one in the sheath for backup, before she too raised her blade in the air, letting out a war cry that reverberated through her chest as the other Grounders joined in, shouting loudly as a unified cacophony. They may be a messy team, but they were sure to help each other in the long run.

And, in this war, unification was what they needed.


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