Chapter 59

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(Gemini Pov)

It Was 4 PM And I Was Just Now Getting Home. My Home By The Way Not Tays Own Cause If I Went There I Know She Was Gone Start Tripping… Or Maybe Not Cause She Was Stuck On Being Petty. She Probably Was Gone Act Like She Didn’t Care.

As I Entered My House. I Took Off My Slides At The Door. Then I Made My Way Upstairs To My Room. I Looked Around My Room And Silently Sighed At The Sight Of Tays Clothes Everywhere. As Usual Her Bra Hanged On The Door Knob. This Girl Is Something Else. I Threw Her Clothes In A Basket Then I Proceeded With Taking Off My Shirt. Then I Balled It Up And Made A Basket With It. Then I Went Into My Closet To Pick Out Some Clothes.

I Then Made My Way To The Bathroom And Took Me A Cold Bath. When I Was Done I Threw On Some Polo Briefs… Not The Underwear Type By The Way… And Then Some Gym Shorts. Then I Left The Bathroom While Drying My Hair.

"Enjoyed Your Shower?" Someone Asked.

"Yeah Up Until…" I Said.

"Oh Well… So Tell Me Where Were You?" That Heard Someone Said. But I Already Knew Who That Someone Was.

"Why You Care… You Aint Call To Asked?" I Told Her..

"You Obviously Don’t Care… Cause You Got A Phone And You Got My Number And You Decided You Just Not Gone Call" She Said.

"Not Today Tay" I Simply Said.

"Just Tell Me Where You Was" She Said.

"Please Leave Me Alone" I Told Her.

"If You Wasn’t Somewhere You Weren’t Suppose To Be How Hard Can It Be To Tell Me" She Said.

"I Don’t Have To Tell You Anything Tay" I Told Her.

"You Kinda Do… You Owe Me An Explanation" She Said.

"So You Talking To Me Now?" I Asked As I Continued To Dry My Hair.

She Didn’t Answer I Assume She Was Too Busy Burning A Hole In Me. After I Picked Out My Clothes And Threw Them Over My Shoulder I Turned And There I Was Face To Face With Tay. She Stood Leaned Against My Door Frame With Her Hands Crossed And A Squint In Her Eyes. Yup She Was Burning Me. She Had Her Hair Flat Ironed And Parted Down The Middle And She Wore A Burgundy Victoria Secret PINK Bra And Tights Set With Some Burgundy Pumas. I Must Admit She Was Looking Fine Standing Over There All Mad And Stuff. Mmmm Tempting. I Bite My Lip As I Looked Her Up And Down… Really Tempting.

"Don’t.." Tay Said.

"Don’t What?" I Asked.

"Don’t Look At Me Like That Cause That’s Not What I Came Here For" She Told Me.

I Just Smirked And Shrugged It Off.

"So You Came From Your House To Come Bother Me Here?" I Asked Her.

"I Didn’t Come From My House" She Said.

I Stopped What I Was Doing And Looked Tay Up And Down Once More.

"Are You Sizing Me Up?" Tay Asked Me.

"Aint It Obvious Im Checking You Out?" I Asked Her.

"Well Don’t Cause I Aint No Check Out Item" She Said.

"Mad Ass" I Said.

"Ugly Ass" She Told Me.

I Just Laughed It Off.

"Anyways… Where Were You?" I Asked Her.

A Smile Grew On Her Face. I Knew She About To Fuck With Me.

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