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Hi guys!

New book. Yup. Definitely a collab.

This is written by 3 people: me (AerithSage), @fallenbabybubu, and @seeyara!

This is written by 3 people: me (AerithSage), @fallenbabybubu, and @seeyara!

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You know the drill, guys. Chapters will be posted on Radish first and then later on here on Wattpad! It will be on Freemium so you guys can pay to read the advanced chapters as soon as they come out or wait 1 week per chapter to read it for free.

For Radish, you can search for this book by title or find our joint account on Radish with the username = WeMadeYouReadThis

Hope you guys can download the Radish app and support our writing by buying chapters!


AerithSage, Fallenbabybubu, Seeyara

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