;chapter nineteen

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i'm in love^ he's v adorable & i just can't even take it

Alaska's pov
i'm just at starbucks finishing some school work.

once i finished, i packed my stuff up & started walking out the door. but as i did so, someone was coming in & that person bumped into me, making my books fall.

"oh my gosh. i'm so sorry." the boy said. "oh that's ok." i said looking up. "Joey?" i said with wide eyes.

real start:
Joey's pov
"Joey?" she asked with her jaw dropped. i looked at her in disbelief. "Alaska?" i asked so shocked i could barely breathe.

"how are y- um- i-i actually have to go." she said stuttered nervously. she then walked away as fast as she could. i felt the immediate jump to run after her but i couldn't. she doesn't love me. seems like she doesn't even like me in this case. besides, i have a girlfriend.

"hello? Joey?" charles said waving his hand in front of my face. i guess i'd been standing here thinking about it for longer than i thought. "yeah? sorry."

"do you wanna go home?"-C. "no. i was bound to see her at some point." i said still kinda shocked that i actually saw her this soon. "are you sure?"-C. "yeah. let's go inside." i said walking inside. "o-ok." he said.

———— back at home ————

the whole time we were at starbucks i was thinking about her & i still am. i don't know what to do. i obviously still love her & miss her & it's driving me crazy as hell. ugh i hate my life.

Alaska's pov
ever since i saw joey, i can't stop thinking about him. i just can't help it. i wasn't the one that wanted to let him go but i did it for his future. this is tearing me apart. i love him so fucking much.

i decided to text Charles to ask him a few questions.

A- hey when did Joey get back?
C- 2 days ago. why?
A- jw
C- Ally i know you still love him. the way you looked at him when you saw him was full of heartbreak, confusion & annoyance.
A- you should be a poetry person
C- ik i'm great at everything
A- ok anyways please don't tell him i said anything
C- i won't dw but just talk to him. u & him both need it rn
A- ok i'll try thx charles ly
C- lyt

He's right. i just need to talk to him.

i texted joey asking him if he'd meet me at the park in 10mins. he answered with yes, so i got ready & left to the park.

i saw him standing on his phone by a tree so i walked over to him.

"hi." i said nervously. i used to be best friends with this boy 3 months ago & now, it's like i don't even know him. "hey. how's it going?"-J. "good. how about you?" "i'm good thanks."-J.

i just looked at the ground awkwardly not knowing what to do. no Alaska, you came here with a purpose. i was about to speak my mind when Joey spoke up.

"u still wear it?"-J. "what?" i tried to follow his eyes to see where he was looking. the promise ring. "the ring. u still wear it."-J. "yeah. i never took it off. i couldn't bring myself to. i felt like it was the only thing i had left of u." "but u said u didn't love me."-J. "Joey i missed you so god damn much. i didn't want to break up with you but there was a modelling job in nc waiting for you. that's something you've always wanted to do & the opportunity was throw at you. i loved you so much & i didn't want you to go & knew that if i told you that, you wouldn't have gone so i lied. i thought i was just doing it for your own good & i know i'm being selfish but it tore me to pieces not seeing your beautiful face, hearing your comforting voice, or anything. Joey it ripped me in half." i said with a tear rolling down my face.

"so you still loved me after i left?"-J. "yeah & honestly Joey i still think about you everyday & i miss you." "you do?"-J. "i never stopped loving u joey."

"i can't stop thinking about you either. i love you too." he said kissing me. "oh i missed these lips." i said smiling into the kiss.

Joey's pov
i kissed her again but as soon as our lips touched for the second time, my phone rang.

"who's Hanna?"-A. fuck. "um...my girlfriend back in NC." i said worried at what she'd do. "you have a girlfriend joey?! & we just kissed..."-A. "yeah but i'm gonna break up with her. i want you Alaska." "oh my god i feel so bad. i just kissed another girls boyfriend."-A. "don't. she was just something to get my mind off u." "um ok." she said looking down.

i called Hanna back cause the call ended before i could pick it up.

"hey hanna." "hey baby."-h. "i need to talk to you about us." "ok."-H. "i think we should break up. it's not really working with all the long distance."

"did you go back to that girl that you always used to talk about?" she asked mad. i blushed. did i really talk about her that much? "honestly yeah. i gotta go tho so bye Hanna." "ugh." she said before i hung up.

"so wanna go out for ice cream?" "yeah sure." she said as i put home arm around her.

"i love you more than u know." i said looking down at her. "i love you more than that."

10 years later:
Joey & Ally got a house together & had a baby named Montana Bella Maisie Birlem & they all lived happily ever after. (yo i just realized her initials would be M.B.M.B. HAHAH litty)


ok so this is the end of the book! i hope u guys liked my first book. sorry if it's bad but i'll hopefully improve as i wrote more. i think i'm going to start writing a new one soon so i'll update u guys ok that when i release it!

thank u guys so much for reading! i luv y'all💜 ya boi is out xx

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