Looking Forward To It (Hamliza)

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Eliza sat down, huffing in boredom, she looked across the room and saw her sister, dancing away, she heard the door open and looked over, seeing a few men walk into the room- correction, a few soldiers walk into the room, she looked at one in particular and it was as if her heart went boom. He was beautiful, his eyes were wide and glancing around, she caught eyes with him for a split second, until she turned away, blushing.

Alex looked around the room awkwardly. Everything was just so... expensive. He sighed as he made eye contact with a woman across the room. Becoming a bit more confident he decided to walk the room.

Eliza looked up, watching him intently, she got a good look at his face and smiled, he really was handsome, she turned back, taking a sip of her water and trying to calm down.

Alex leaned up against the wall next to some woman in an orange dress. He smiled charming and started a forced, shallow conversation.

Eliza looked over, sighing in defeat when she saw him talking to another woman, she looked down at her feet, waiting for Angelica to come over and say that were to leave, she smoothed her dress out and smiled politely at the passing people.

A beautiful woman walked over to Alex and took his hand. She asked his name, a question which he answered "Alexander Hamilton." She asked where he was from. He frowned and mumbled that it was unimportant. The woman raised an eyebrow. "Well I'm Angelica Schuyler." Alex recognized the name. He bent down and kissed her hand. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you."

She looked back, thinking she was through, Angelica had gotten to him, she wanted to cry, but she sat up straight, hoping for the best.

Angelica pointed to her sister across the room. "I'm about to change your life," she joked, seeing her sister's helpless expression. Alex looked at whom she was pointing, a small smile forming on his lips."Then by all means, lead the way," he chuckled as Angelica dragged him over.

Eliza looked up, glancing towards her sister, who was making her way towards her, then dropping her gaze, looking back towards the ground, she got up, curtsying, "E-Elizabeth Schuyler, it's a pleasure to meet you." She smiled brightly.

Alexander bowed at the waist. "Schuyler?" He repeated, wondering where he had heard the name before tonight.

She nodded, hearing her sister say, "my sister" she smiled gently, "thank you for your service.." she looked up from her curtsy.

"If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it," he replied, kissing her hand. He laughed as he saw Angelica walk away.

She grinned, blushing under his touch, waiting for him to say something, like, would you like to dance?

He looked back up at her with a goofy smile, "you're very beautiful..."

She grinned, "T-Thank you" and looked down, "Y-Your very handsome as well."

He motioned vaguely to the dance floor. "Do you want to uh... dance?"

She nodded quickly, "Uh- Yes" she stuttered out, giving him her hand.

He took it and dragged her to the dance floor. He faced her and put his hands on her hips, rocking them both slowly to the rhythm of the music.

She laughed, smiling widely, "You're a very good dancer" she complimented, throwing her hands around his neck, grinning.

He smiled back. "Why thank you," he said in a mock English accent. "I took lessons in France," he chuckled at his own joke.

She smirked, swaying a little more, "Did you really?" She mocked back, "Very.. pretentious?" She laughed at her use of the word.

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