Chapter 1

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Laya Veranda POV

  I woke up early monday morning as usual to get ready for a new day. Friday was my last day of high school and I am finally free to do what I want.I walk out of my room and step on the warm hard wood floor. I walk to the bathroom down the hall past my Ohma and Ma's room. I hear my parents breathing softly and I chuckle to myself. They probably had a late night again.....

   I sigh.

   Ever since I graduated they have been getting friskier and friskier. And they keep complaining about me getting a girlfriend. God like just because they got married young doesn't mean I am. Jeeze crazy old ladies!

  I realize I am in the bathroom when I feel the cold tile floor under my feet. I look in the mirror at my crazy curly hair tossed about my head. My curls sit frantically on my golden brown shoulders and my piercing silver eyes water as I yawn. I smile with, pride as I marvel at my resembles to my gorgeous Ohma. She is 5'9 with flawless dark skin, short black hair, and an athletic build. Her eyes are an exotic silver, that represent her Noahn heritage. My Ohma is a proud woman who's pride is greater than anyone I know. Ohma is a strong and brave woman who happens to have a dick like 50% of the female population.

  On planet Tarraha there are NO MALES in MY SPECIES and many other humanoid like species. The Y chromosome doesn't exist in most humanoid like organisms on my planet. Here on  planet Tarraha the population consists of 2 different types of women. Women who bear children like my Ma that have vaginas and women that have penises like my Ohma. The word Ohma is used to refer to mothers with penises and the word Ma refers to women with vaginas. On planet Tarraha there is no such thing as racism or scrutiny.  All women are treated equally and fairly no matter the color of their skin, their shape, or size. All women are beautiful creatures that need to be revered and respected. All women are able to prosper and grow no matter where they come from. Women from all over the world like the great mountains of Ruba, rural farm lands of Cashia, the great forest of Shina, the islands of Sandra, the ice lands of Kara or the great cities Boa are all able to choose how they want to live. 

   My Ma is a short beautiful olive skinned woman with hazel eyes, long straight brown hair, and cherry red lips. She comes from the beautiful land of Shina that is nothing but forest except to the west. To the east of Shina were my Ma grew up it is nothing but a large rainforest full of exotic animals. My Ohma is from of the west of Shina where it is nothing but dry desert land with a large river cutting through it that leads to the mountains of Ruba. My Ma is a kind hearted woman with a soft voice and big heart, which makes her the perfect nurse. My parents and I live in one of the great city known as Mara. Mara is one of the largest cities in Tarraha. It is full of lights and action, they say the city never sleeps. We have lived here for the last 7 years, we came here when I was 10 from my Ma's home land.

  "Laya!" my Ohma calls in her scratchy cigar voice.

  "Yes Ohma ma?" I call and I hear someone downstairs begin to stir things around in the kitchen.

  "What are you going to do today my little Laya?" My Ohma smiles and leans in the door way as I brush my teeth. Her messy pixie cut hair falls into her face as she stands in the bathroom doorway. She leans into the wall with only her booty shorts and a tank top on. She smiles at my adoringly and wipes tooth paste out of the corner of my mouth.

 "Messy girl," she laughs while she grabs her toothbrush. "You should go out with Deita and Ariel tonight. You're 17 Laya-Laya enjoy your youth and sleep around as much as you can until you find the best sex partner ever then marry them," she laughs.

  "Ohmaaaaa!" I whine, "Stop. Is that how you met Ma?"

  "Maybe," she winks and spits, "Come let us go eat, your Ma and I have to get ready for work."

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