Chapter III

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The next day followed without much change to the slow routine of the house, the master had his breakfast in bed which Mr

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The next day followed without much change to the slow routine of the house, the master had his breakfast in bed which Mr. Eugene took up. For most of the day the master was stuck in his room while Mrs. Hall went through the kitchen books to pay off vendors, the master did not as much make a peep and I wondered what kept him in one attitude for so long. The same followed day in and out for the coming weeks and no one talked of why the master spent so much time tucked away in his room.

"Alice? Alice where are you?" I heard my brother's trying to be quiet while shouting my name in the kitchen as I walked in from cleaning the master's dusty library.

"Daniel? What are you doing here?" I was lightened by his presence after being stuck in a sad house for so long.

"I saw the cook had left with the mister that don't like you, and thought it'd be alright to come see you."

"Of course it is, it is always good to see you Daniel, how are you?"

"I miss ya 'round the house."

"Let me tell you a secret, I do too, especially here, this house is so..."

"Old, ugly, haunted?"

"There is no such thing as haunted Daniel," I pulled his hat up to fix his hair.

"That's not what people say of your employer, just this afternoon I was sweeping the chimneys over here and they were talking of him and it weren't nice things they were saying. They said the last maid who passed away haunts this house because she was ill-treated and wants to protect other maids from the same fate, and your master well they say..."

"You needn't pay any attention to gossip and I have instructed you not to eavesdrop into people's private talks when working have I not? It is not a proper thing to do," I grabbed by him the ear and kissed his dirty cheek to stop his gossiping for I needn't any stories to make me more afraid of the master of the house.

"But Alice what if it were true? What if you are in danger? What if..." Daniel wanted to get something out when the master shouted.

"Miss Stewart!" The master's voiced echoed and Daniel fell off the chair, bam! My brother hit the floor scared of the man I worked for.

"Miss Stewart!"

"Daniel are you alright?"

"Yes but are you?"

"I am not in any danger Daniel; I say the Lord's prayer every day before bed like mother taught us to protect me. So forget about all this nonsense you've been hearing and do not mention it to mother got it?"

"Take care Alice, visit us soon," Daniel hugged me goodbye running out the back door of the kitchen while I stood in place waiting for the master to walk in to the kitchen at any moment.

"Yes sir?" I had my hands neatly folded in front of me.

"Who was in the kitchen? I heard a voice."

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