Accidentally fallen for you. oops. (7)

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-----Lily's POV-----

I drove for an hour. Then Ben drove for an hour. Then the stupid truck decided to take a break. Ben said it does that. And we might have to stay the night at the rest area we stopped at.

"Where are we staying the night at?" I asked. The rest area only had a McDonalds. Bathrooms. And picnic tables. Some woods but that wasn't an option.

"I was planning on staying in the back of the truck when I left home. I brought my mattress. You can sleep on that. I can sleep in the front on the seats" He muttered.

"No. I can sleep in the front" I said.

"No. I don't think that's safe"

"But you were going to"

"Yeah. But I'm a guy"


"No. I'll sleep in the seats"

"How big is your mattress?"


"We will both stay in the back. We can put my huge bag in the middle if you want?" I told him. There was no way he would sleep on those awful seats.

"Fine. You can get the bed ready" He muttered. He wasn't to fond of the idea. That stung.

I went to the back of the truck. For the first time.

There was the mattress. He obviously has runaway before. He knew to take his mattress.

I put my sleeping bag on the right. And my bag in the middle. He had a blanket and pillow on the left anyways.

"Nice. I'll get some supper" He smiled and headed to the McDonalds by himself. While I decided to get my stuff ready for a shower. I had been wearing a baseball cap to cover the awful oil stain on my head. I needed to wash the stupid cap too.

I grabbed some sleeping shorts and a tank top to sleep in. it didn't look too bad if I were caught in public with this on. I smiled.

About 20 minutes later. Ben came out of the restaurant with two bags and two huge drinks.

"I got you a hamburger with fries and a sprite. We shouldn't have caffeine before bed" He teased.

"What did you get?" I asked. Curious.

"Same. Except I got onion rings instead. We can share if you want" His smile was gorgeous. Slight dimples on his cheeks.

"Thanks" I told him. Thanks for more then just this. But for taking me with him. I added in my head.

I kissed him on the cheek. His cheek was soft and manly.

"I'm going to take a shower supper" I told him.

"Me too. Have you smelled me? I smell like an elephant!"

"How do you know what an elephant smells like? Wait. I don't want to know" Gross. He smelled fine to me.

"I'm guessing you want that black stain out of your hair"


"Too bad. I started getting attached to it" He teased. "Oh. I forgot! I got apple pies too" He brought out two golden pies. My stomach started crying in thanks.

"That sounds... amazing" I said. Staring at the beautiful things in front of me. A tear coming in my eye.

"Wow. You really love pie don't you?" He chuckled.

"Shut up Ben" I said quickly.

We ate everything. My stomach was so happy. I grabbed my clothes and shower stuff and headed to the bathrooms. Ben was behind me.

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