Chapter 1 - Vanilla Oranges

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Today it was cold. Hell, it was always cold. I basically lived at the North Pole. Well, I guess you could say I lived here. I didn't really "live" anywhere.

My entire life had been white – full of fluffy snow and icicles, or at least I think that had been my entire life. I honestly didn't know where I was born, but I assumed it was somewhere around here, maybe even in the Polar Moon pack. I had the same pale white skin as everyone else who was a native to the area. My hair was ghostly white as well, but that wasn't necessarily a trait that everyone around here shared. Regardless, this part of the world was all I could remember.

It was around noon now, which meant I better get my ass moving if I wanted to hunt down a good meal like a deer or elk. I guess some people might think that life as a rogue could be romanticized with all of the freedom and lack of rules and such, but really it was a lot of dirt, sweat, and elk blood.

Sure there were rogue "packs," I guess I technically ran with one, but it was like the third group of rogues that I'd associated with over the past ten years. I was fine being alone most of the time. I wouldn't say my social skills were exactly up to par, and I didn't particularly care for being around most men. There was just something about men that didn't sit right with me. Not that I wasn't attracted to men - I was, but they were frightening to me and I could never sort out why. That being said, no average male wolf could shake me to my core as much as an Alpha. Of course, I'd never been anywhere near an Alpha, but the fear of accidentally trespassing onto the Polar Moon pack territory was something I was anxious about every single day.

Suddenly, I was torn from my thoughts at the sound of a twig cracking in the distance. Wasting no time at all, I shifted into my wolf form. Bones began to crack within me as they reorganized themselves in my wolf's body, and white fur sprouted from my skin making my pale blue eyes gleam a bit brighter.

As soon as my wolf was in control, my instincts were on fire. I instantly located where the noise had come from and took off in that direction. I wasn't a very big wolf, but I was stealthy as hell. I could sneak up on and take down a full-grown elk by myself with ease.

Zooming in and out of the trees, my eyes finally focused in on my target. Unfortunately, it wasn't an elk, but a large male deer stood before me instead. I could definitely handle this. He was apparently nervous, sensing the fact that he was being stalked. His head flickered back and forth, and he didn't move his feet an inch.

Before he could decide to bolt I sprang out from behind a tree and pounced onto his back. I immediately bit deep into his neck and ripped out the flesh around his jugular, assuring he wouldn't live. He fought back, of course, thrashing his antlers around in protest, but as his blood spurted out of his neck, his energy soon faded.

After the fucker finally died off, I grabbed his neck in my jaws again and began to drag him back to the cave that I had been holing myself up in recently. Although my fire from last night was still burning hot, there was no point in shifting back to clean and cook the deer when my wolf was perfectly happy picking him clean with her teeth.

I finished off my meal in no time at all and decided it would be a good idea to make my way down to the nearest stream that wasn't frozen. I had blood all over my white fur from my kill, and if I didn't try to rinse it off soon it would surely stain. I wasn't a conceited bitch who was obsessed with her appearance, but the idea of blood stains on my fur didn't exactly suit me either.

It didn't take long to make it to the stream. I stuck my head in the water and let the cold droplets slide through my fur. This managed to rinse most of the blood out, thankfully. I sat for a moment at the edge of the stream to groom myself before I headed back to the cave.

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