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November 19, 2016

"Don't feel any pressure or anything Talia and Niall are the nicest people you will ever meet." I calm Harry's nerves as we race through the Miami freeway. Talia had begged to meet Harry and I thought now would be a better time than any other. Thanksgiving was approaching and with our relationship growing every day it was becoming more and more likely our families wanted to meet each other. My family was dying to meet Harry and Harry had told me his parents and family were eager to meet me.

This double date with Talia was inching towards showing him my life outside of work. He hadn't met my best friend and I wanted them to meet each other. I wanted to show Harry my life and I wanted him to show me his in return.

"I just want to make a good impression, she is your best friend!" He tells me and I look over to see him internally thinking to himself. I look down to see one of his hands in his lap and inching my fingers towards it. Lightly touching his hand I felt him take hold of it and I smile to myself feeling his warm hand around mine.

"You will, what's not to like?" I ask him glancing over to see a little smirk on his lips. Harry had been a little stressed over this double date ever since I told him on Tuesday. He has been so worried about Talia liking him even though I had told him countless times that she was going to love him. I can't even begin to imagine what it is going to be like when it comes time to meet my family although I am probably going to be more nervous than him.

My family was crazy! Absolutely crazy and I can't even imagine what they will ask and tell Harry. Especially my mother, lord knows what she will have to say. Both her and my father came from Puerto Rican backgrounds and although my mother was loud my father sometimes could balance that out which I was hoping was the case. I wasn't so much worried about my father but more so my mother and my two brothers who think they know everything about everything. They also loved to embarrass me which didn't go to my favor.

We soon pull up to the burger joint that sits next to the beach. Talia had planned the entire thing and told me that after we ate we could just sit and make a fire on the beach until the stars came out. It was also really nice that I could double date with Talia and Niall now, I have been single since before time so it was exciting I didn't have to third wheel anymore.

Hand in hand Harry and I found ourselves in the burger place Talia had picked. People were crowding around in table as talking among themselves. My eyes scanned the room to see Talia and Niall who waved us over. Talia stood up from the table and came over to hug me and Harry causing my hand to detach from his.

"Hi, I'm Talia!" Talia gushed just as Niall came to stand next to her greeting Harry as well by introducing himself. "We have heard so much about you from Mads! It's nice to finally meet you!" Talia gushed tracing her eyes up and down Harry who responded to her with his smile that could make anyone melt.

"Good things I hope." He responds to her with a bright smile. I hope in this moment Talia doesn't go into detail about my thoughts in Harry. Then again I am sure Talia wasn't in the business of embarrassing me since I tended to do that myself.

"Of course, its Madeline we are talking about here. Whenever she finds someone she likes it's the only thing she talks about." Talia told him making me internally cringe when Talia talked to Harry about me.

We carried our conversation over to a table where we waited for our waiter who eventually made his way over to assist our party. We placed our orders by going clockwise around the table and once everyone had their orders placed a gained another look from the waiter.

He had shaggy blonde curly hair and light chestnut eyes. He looked like a typical surfer and being so close to the beach I could gather he was in fact a surfer.

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