♪ Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

I stared at the ceiling, eyes wide and mind racing. It was five o clock in the morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. It was the day of the first concert and for the last couple of weeks of camp we had been practicing non-stop. But something was missing, something huge that I had forgotten to do.

Then it clicked.

I had so much revenge to catch up on. Chris and Kelly for their insane bet, Shane and Caleb for their constant teasing, Cassie and Josh for being a part of the secret video mission and not telling me, then there was Jessica for hiding the fact that she was dating my best friend, not forgetting Chase for suggestion that I was like Lois Lane, or Keara because I loved to annoy her...

I hadn't gotten any revenge. I was so out of touch that I felt ashamed.

I sat up on my bed, and considered who else deserved my wrath. Shannon had used all of my favorite shampoo, Melissa constantly insulted my intelligence and Max had only informed recently that his name was Maxwell, giving me little time to mock him.

But I needed a partner in crime, perhaps two, and all of my usual partner in crimes were on my revenge list.

"Who..." I murmured.

They all deserved to suffer the wrath of May, maybe I could be a double agent and turn on whoever is worthy to work with me. I grabbed my phone and texted the two people that I decided to put up with.

I quietly slipped out of my covers, and started to get dressed. Shannon was snoring and Jessica had her face plunged into the pillow. Throwing a 5SOS shirt over my head and padded my way over to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. Once I was decent, I slowly tiptoed across the room to get my runners. I didn't mean to trip over Jessica's high heels and almost topple onto the floor.

"Jesus Christ!" Jessica cried, jumping up from her comfortable position.

"May?" Shannon croaked, "Why are you up?"

I winced, and turned back to them. They both stared at me with sleepy eyes and weary expressions. I decided to depend on their sleepiness. "This is all just a dream!"

"I prefer to dream about Niall Horan." Shannon drawled, rolling her eyes. Jessica groaned and dropped her head back into the pillow. I gasped, putting my hand on my heart with an offended expression. 

"Bitch you'd be lucky to dream about me. Embrace it! Be the dream! Oh look, there's Niall Horan!" I pointed to a random corner before grabbing my runners and sprinting out of the cabin. Hopefully they'd go with it and go back to sleep. 

 We had agreed to meet at the deck. When I arrived, neither of them were there yet making me sigh in disappointment. They were already letting me down. I lay back on the chair, waiting and forming a plan in my head.

"This better be good." A voice interrupted my thoughts. I grinned at Shane and jumped up to give him a hug. 

"It is! I promise!"

"Your version of good is extremely different to ours." Josh muttered, stuffing his hands in his pockets. 

"Oh shush Josh, don't make me regret including you."

"Including me in what, exactly?" He narrowed his eyes at me, curiosity bubbling inside them.

"In being part of the end of the year serial prankers."

They both stared at me, before glancing at each other and shrugging.  Shane rubbed his hands together in anticipation. "We haven't any equipment though..." 

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