✯ | chapter twenty five

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LEILA DEPARTED THE scene soon after arriving on it, unable to watch any of it, knowing that she and Clarke could have prevented it– Clarke! Leila took off without hesitation, her feet pounding against the dirt as she remembered her best friend.

As she reached the entrance trail to the village, a horse galloped past her, almost taking her out as it ran around frantically, it's mane and tail ablaze. Leila wanted nothing more than to run after the creature and help it, knowing that the same fate had probably befallen Ares, but the hooded figure in the middle of the trail stopped her.

"Clarke?" she yelled, running towards her friend, just as Lexa grabbed the blonde, shaking her harshly to snap her out of whatever stupor she was in.

"I could have warned them," Clarke said quietly. "I could have saved them."

"If they see us, they'll strike again," Lexa stated. Clarke made to leave once more but Lexa grabbed her again. "Clarke. Victory stands on the back of sacrifice. You know that."

Clarke took a deep breath. "I want the Mountain Men dead. All of them."

Lexa nodded, taking Clarke by the hand and pulling her into the trees. As Leila followed after them, looking into the blade of her sword and seeing nothing but the guilty face of someone who condemned so many lives, gunshots sounded through the trees.

Pausing, her feet stopped moving as she looked around. "The spotter."

Clarke followed after her friend as she began towards the source of the gunfire. "He aimed the missile. He's alone."

"Clarke, just slow down," Lexa pleaded, catching Clarke by the arm again. "If he's a spotter, he's here to make sure we're dead. If he tells the Mountain we're alive–"

"He won't," Leila spat.

"How can you be sure?" Lexa asked.

Leila sent her a cold glare. "Because I'm going to kill him."

Walking through the woods, Leila turned her blade towards her face once again, though the person reflected in the metal was not the same person as before. This one had a fire inside of her; a fire raging so wildly that she felt she was invincible. All she could do was hope that it didn't rain.

"It'll be light soon," Lexa pointed out as she and Clarke followed Leila through the trees. "We won't have the darkness to hide us."

"Who says we need it?" Leila asked.

"Neither will he," Clarke said at relatively the same time.

"I feel your anger, Leila," Lexa said.

"Do us a favour," Leila suggested. "No more lessons."

"You need to focus," Lexa stated. "We do what we must to survive. The enemy does the same. It's not personal."

"It is to me," Leila snapped. "It is to us."

"You think that killing the shooter will make your both feel better, but it won't," Lexa guessed. "The only thing that will do that is winning this war."

"That's enough," Clarke snapped.

A crack caught all three girls' attention and sent them into high alert mode. Crouching down, Clarke aimed her gun as Leila drew her sword.

"Is it him?" Lexa asked quietly, as Leila's vision followed the figure hiding behind a tree.

"No," Leila replied, standing up. "Lincoln."

In a fit of emotion at seeing her friend alive, Leila ran at the man and hugged him, her arms wrapping around his neck as he caught her. Leila heaved a heavy sigh of relief, before the thought of Octavia crossed her mind.

"Leila?" Lincoln asked. "Clarke?" Lexa came into view and Lincoln's eyebrows furrowed. "Commander, wh– Octavia said you three were–"

"You've seen Octavia?" Leila asked with a gasp.

"Yeah," Lincoln nodded. "The few that survived the explosion are being pinned down by a sniper. That's why I'm here."

Another gunshot rang out and Lexa's attention shifted to the task at hand. "Come on. We need to get to the high ground."

Lexa took off again and Leila followed, Lincoln and Clarke alongside her. The darkness impeded their vision to a very limited range. The fact that they couldn't see made the fact that they were hunting down a lone man much more exciting.

Leila loved the thrill of being in the forest. After years of living in confined corridors surrounded by bleak walls, Leila loved the feel of the outdoors. She wasn't afraid of anything in the woods, as she was not only the prey; she was the hunter. And right now, she was hunting down this guy with a vengeance in her heart.

The thought that propelled her forwards was the fact that her father had been among the crowd of people in the village at the time of the missile's explosion, so the thought that he had been buried under a six foot pile of ash and dust made Leila yearn for the opportunity to enact justice in the men responsible. But, as of right now, she could only get at one.

She could tell that Clarke felt the same way, as the two of them acted like they were the same person. Clarke felt the need to kill the man just as much as Leila did, as her mother had also been in the camp at the time. As to whether she had survived, however, her status was unknown.

Leila could only hope that, of all the people that had been killed, her father and Clarke's mother had not been part of them.


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