HEYYY :) so i thought about an epilogue for a while-- like a whole 12 hours --- ... and finally decided in favor of one :) 


Epilogue: New Life


The latex gloves clung to the doctor's hands as he reached for a bottle of gel and squirted a fair amount of the cold liquid onto her exposed stomach. Then he reached for the transducer and began to run it in circles around until he got a clear image on the screen. Both she and her husband glowed as they viewed the developing silhouette on the screen.

          "That's our baby," he said through a wide grin, his eyes beginning to cloud with tears at the sight of his first child. "That's really our baby."

Too emotional to reply to him, she simply nodded and wiped a few falling tears from her stunning hazel eyes. He squeezed her hand tight as they continued to watch the child nestle itself into its mother's womb.

          "Have you two decided whether or not you want to find out the sex?" The deep-voiced doctor asked them, continuing to roll the transducer around her rounded belly.

          The soon-to-be parents looked at each other, having one of their many silent conversations, then looked back to the doctor and nodded. "We'd love to find out," she replied for the both of them.

          The doctor nodded in response and continued to scan her stomach, searching for any indication of the child's gender. After a few moments, he stopped and smiled. "Congratulations," he smiled at the couple. "You're having a baby girl!"

          The two looked at each other and wept tears of joy. In only eight short months of marriage, the two were told the best news in the world - they would become the parents of a beautiful baby girl! Though some people in town thought nineteen years old was too young to be married, let alone be pregnant, everyone was too much in love with the couple to argue otherwise.

          "You know Christie is going to freak out when she finds out it's a girl," she told her husband as the doctor began to print out the sonogram pictures and wipe her stomach clean.

          Her husband nodded and chuckled at the thought of telling his teenaged sister that she would soon have a beautiful niece to spoil. As the appointment began to wrap up, he walked his pregnant wife out of the office and back to the beat-up Chevy truck in the parking lot, holding her hand along the way. "So have you thought of names at all? A beautiful baby girl like this deserves a beautiful name to suit her."

          She nodded in agreement and hoisted herself into the passenger seat as the truck rumbled to life. "A few," she revealed softly. "I like the name Kylie, but I'm not really sure. After all, we do have four more months to decide."

          "How was the doctor’s?" Margaret Carter asked as the couple pulled into her gravel driveway later that afternoon.

Running out of the house behind her came an out of breath, thirteen-years-old Christie Carter, her long dark coils bouncing with each step. "Reed! Shae! How's my future niece or nephew?" she bellowed out to them before coming to a stop in front of them.

          The future parents looked at each other and smiled before spilling the beans to the family. "Well," Shae began with a wide grin on her sans makeup face. "The doctor let us listen to the baby's heartbeat again, took some pictures, the usual..."

          Christie's smile faded as she began to think there wouldn't be any further details. Her brother saw the face and grinned along with his wife. "Well, the doctor also mentioned one SMALL thing..." he said with a wince. "He found out the gender of the baby... It's a girl!"

          His sister shrieked with joy and bounced up and down outside the yard, causing her father to come out and question her child-like behavior. "Daddy it's a girl!" she shouted to her dad who responded in a soft smile. Though at first he hadn't been pleased with his son's choice to marry at such a young age, he couldn't help but share in their joy as he processed the news. He would be a grandfather to a precious baby girl who would hopefully share his family's passion in riding. "Congratulations," he told them in his husky voice. "Have you two decided on a name yet?"

          "She likes Kylie," Reed revealed, speaking of his wife. "But I was thinking of another 'k' name...How about Karlie? After your mom?"

          Shae looked down to the baby in her stomach, rubbed it and smiled. "Karlie, I like it."

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