Chapter 3

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(Song:Counting Stars)

Thundering Metalic Love

Third Persons P.O.V

"Get off your lazy behinds and come give me a hug!" Lucy shouted, ignoring the light as the boys looked at her confused and shocked. Was she crazy?! No one was there. "Lucy!!!!" They heard multiple voices screaming her name, their eyes widening in surprise. They were dragon slayers, their senses were far better than a normal mage so how could she know?! She glanced at them for a slight second, laughter dancing in her eyes, as she walked forward.

"Come and meet my family, don't just stand their like strangers." She grinned. That was just it! They were strangers and didn't even know she still had a family left! She ignored the looks they shot her as she walked forward, her back straight, and her head held high. There eyes left her as they glanced at who stood in front of her. "I brought friends with me, don't be jerks and make them feel like as if they were outsiders!" She yelled, as a chorus of groans were heard. "Shes already ordering us around even though she just got here! Amelia do something about her!" A ash colored dragon, yes a DRAGON, whined towards a pale blue wolf.

"My goodness! She just arrives and you're already complaining! Nokoru I already told you to not do that when she returns!" Amelia, the pale blue wolf, growled. "Well aren't you two just like a married couple arguing!" A crimson phoenix exclaimed, laughing. "Senko! You're going to put ideas into his head! I will have to deal with his nagging all night if you don't stop!" Amelia groaned as he gave a lopsided grin in reply. "You two are already a thing, why not take it further?" "You shouldn't distract her. Let her continue scolding Nokoru, then Lucy. She deserves it." A white snake, hissed as he glared at Lucy. She rolled her eyes in response.

"Are you that upset about your mansion? It's just payback for placing hot rocks where I sat! Your such a child, you should be happy to see me!" She scoffed. "I am not like a child! Do you know how much a fire affects me?! You're the childish one!" They both stood there, bickering back and forth while Gajeel and Laxus stood there confused, and shell shocked. "Hikaru! Lucy! Both of you stop it! She just came back after a long time, so stand down Hikaru. Lucy, introduce your friends, they seem so lost and confused." Amelia smiled sweetly, a slight glare sent towards Hikaru.

"That's right! I forgot!" Lucy exclaimed as she turned towards the two. "Alright then! You guys, these are my family! Nokoru, a dragon, represents the mythical creatures, like um.... What was it..." She mumbled as she glanced at him. "Thats right! Of mermaids and things like that. Amelia, this amazing wolf, represents mammals. I think. Senko, the phoenix, represents the ones that soar every sky. Hikaru over there," She made a grimace in mentioning his name, earning a slap, "the snake, represents the um other side of animals? Amphibians? I'm not sure. But yea that's it!" She grinned. They all rolled their eyes at her explanation but smiled. "You forgot about them." Amelia pointed out.

"Right, thanks for reminding me! The blonde guy, Laxus Dreyar, a dragon slayer by 2nd generation. Um Gajeel Redfox, a first generation dragon slayer. His teacher, or father, is Metalicana. Now that's it! Now, go and talk and get to know each other properly!" She shoved the both of them towards her family as they glared at her. "Welcome! I'm going to go and talk to Adam." She smiled as she walked towards a pile of bushes where a sleeping Adam laid. "So you two are part of Fairy Tail, and Lucy's nakama. Thank you for watching over her." Amelia lowered her head in gratitude. "Uh we didn't really do anything. Gihi." Gajeel said, his eyes drifting towards Nokoru.

"Hey Nokoru, if you could possibly tell Gajeel about Metalicana then he would stop staring at you like he wants to strip you down naked!" Lucy shouted earning a glare from the said people. "Lucy!" Amelia exclaimed. "Sorry! Sorry! But you should really do that!" She laughed. The two stared at each other for a moment before Nokoru sighed. "Metalicana huh. Had to be that guy's son. Well, he is currently in my realm healing. Each of us dragons had to return to our realm when the humans decide to hunt us down. We succeeded but there were some dragons that had made bonds here. So they returned, but they go caught and were severely injured, Metalicana being one. He is doing well now. Probably." He explained.

Amelia shook her head as she turned towards Senko. "We should leave them alone to talk. Although they should really start with getting to know each other first." She sighed as Senko rolled his eyes. "Let them be Amelia. You know how curious one can be. Look at those to though! They're getting along just great!" He signaled towards Laxus and Hikaru as there attention turned towards them. "She got lost going to your mansion so we had to take the map and carry here there." "Eh?! Really! She is such a clutz, not to mention she is really an idiot! She got lost going to a bathroom that was in front of her once!" They both let out their own sets of laughter as a rock was thrown at both of their heads. Senko and Amelia both turned their heads. "Getting along well...." She mumbled.

"Well then! It's time for us to go!" Lucys voice rang out as they all turned towards her. "Aw but you just got here!" Amelia whined. "Amelia we've been here much longer! Look, the sun is about to set!" They all glanced at the sky as she sighed. "Then just stay the night and leave tomorrow morning. I don't think Adam would want you to go that soon either." Lucy stared at the boy in her arms, thinking. She glanced at her companions. "Gajeel, Laxus would you like to stay here for the night?" She asked as they shrugged. "That settles it then, we'll only stay for the night and that's it." Lucy stated as Amelia nodded her head.

"We'll stay in my realm then. Come along." Senko signaled as gush of air surrounded them, twirling round and round until they could no longer see what was around them. There hair blew around, but they only laughed as Senko smiled at them. The wind died down as they stared at their surroundings. Clouds filled the sky, and with every step they took a puff of air appeared. "I'm staying here!" Lucy shouted as she ran towards a cloud building. They watched her as Senko sighed. "Of course you would pick that room. Follow me then." He sighed.

Time Skip


Lucy smiled at the little boy in her arms as she kissed his temple. She carefully left the bed, silently leaving him alone. She silently walked out of the room, walking to two others. She rolled her eyes at Laxus as she carefully adjusted his sleeping position. She giggled at Gajeel as she placed the blanket around him. When the door silently closed, her expression turned serious and blank. She walked towards the center of the realm, a storm cloud entering her view. Her eyes darkened as she walked in, staring into the eyes of each shadow she passed. Her back straightened as she strided towards the room where each one of them stood. The doors slammed open as she took her seat at the head of the table.  

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