✯ | chapter twenty four

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LEILA AND CLARKE rode alongside Ryder as fast as their horses would take them. Leila never got tired of horses; they were such marvellous animals. The horse she rode – who she had called Ares after the Greek God of war – had been ecstatic to get out of the camp and had taken off at a gallop before Clarke and Ryder were even out of the gate.

Despite the impending doom awaiting the Grounder clans, Leila let out a joyous whoop as she rode along, ahead of Clarke and her guard. The wind was rushing by her so fast that her hair was being whipped back off of her face, blowing behind her like someone in a storybook. The wind quenched her desire to destroy, and tame the whirlwind inside her.

Riding up to the gates of Tondc, Clarke and Leila were quick to dismount and were greeted by Octavia. "Clarke, Leila, you made it."

"I need you to take us to Lexa," Clarke demanded.

Octavia suddenly stopped them. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Clarke replied.

"Is Bellamy ready?" Octavia questioned. "Did he get the acid fog down?"

"He's working on it," Leila assured the younger Blake.

Walking up to Lexa, the Commander sent Clarke and Leila stony glares. "Clarke and Leila of the Sky People have honoured us with their presence."

"We're sorry we're late, Commander," Clarke apologised.

"You made good time," Kane smiled. "I assume the kids at Mount Weather are okay."

"For now," Leila replied, before turning to Lexa. "Can we talk in private?"

"Yes. This way," Lexa agreed, turning and walking through the village, towards the room in which the Sky People were once held prisoner.


After Clarke and Leila explained the threat at hand, the Commander was unsure of whether or not their story was believable.

"A missile?" she asked. "You're sure?"

"Yes," Clarke nodded. "We have to start evacuating now."

"No," Lexa replied.

"What do you mean 'no', Lexa?" Clarke asked.

"If we evacuate, they'll know we have a spy inside their walls," Lexa explained.

"Not necessarily," Leila replied.

"We can't risk it," Lexa countered, walking over to the table on which they had planned their battles.

"What's the point of having an inside man if we can't act on what he tells us?" Clarke asked.

"Is the acid fog disabled?" Lexa asked. "Is our sleeping army uncaged?" Clarke shook her head and Lexa frowned. "Then Bellamy's job is not done. Without him, we can't win this war."

"So what are you saying?" Leila asked. "We just do nothing? Let them bomb us?"

"It'll be a blow," Lexa said quietly. "But our army will be safe inside the woods and it will inspire them."

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