Chapter 17

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My heart seized painfully in my chest as Heather's voice soared through the living room.

My hand slipped from Dominic's in a rush, retracting back into myself as did Dominic's as he pushed himself out of the chair immediately and went to greet his wife.

"Hey, you're home early," Dominic observed.

"Mhm, the couple I was supposed to show the house to never showed," she explained, all the while never taking her calculating eyes off of my own.

"Were you sleeping while at work, Ms. Sanders?" Heather's question spiked an immediate spell of annoyance to pour through my veins as it was coated with the deepest disdain and condescending tone.

"Maya and I were watching a movie together after lunch and we both just sort of fell asleep," I explained whilst slowly trying to maneuver my way out from underneath a still sleeping Maya.

That girl could sleep through the next World War and never even know it.

"So, if you were sleeping I gather you didn't finish any of your daily chores?"

"Not quite," I bit out.

"I see." Heather's stare cut to Dominic's for a brief second, judgement lighting around her crystal blue irises.

"Well, I need my laundry to be folded and put away and a new load of clothes to be put in the wash before you leave today. You can go put away the first load of laundry now if you're all done with your nap."

Every ounce of my will power was being excised to the fullest in that moment. Normally, I would have spat out a sassy remark, called her a First Class Bitch, and been on my way.

But I needed this job, and she knew that. She was confident and aware that she could say next to anything to me and I would just have to bite my tongue, bare my teeth in a fake smile of compliance and move on.

So, that's what I did.

Heather kept her eyes on mine, watching me with delight dancing through her gaze as I sucked both of my lips in between my teeth, preventing any sly remarks from slipping out and got up off of the couch.

I kept my gaze steered far away from both Dominic's and Heather's as I made my way out of the living room and up the stairs, knowing full well that the moment I was out of sight, an argument would most likely ensue between the couple.

The tension holding the rooms' atmosphere firm in its grip was far too great to not result in an explosion of some sort.

I made my way up to the laundry room, gathered all of Heather's clean clothes, and shuffled down the hall to the Master bedroom so I could begin the monotonous task of putting a grown ass women's clothes away for her.

Some people really do never grow up.

Half way through her load of expensive blouses and designer dresses, I felt my phone begin to vibrate in my back pocket.

Fishing the device out of my jeans, I saw the name 'Layla' shining bright across the screen and with it came a wide grin spreading across my face.

"Hey, Bitch!"

"Sup, Skank?"

"Nothing much, just putting away Mrs. Prissy Bitches clothes since she's too high and mighty to do it herself."


"You know, for how expensive these clothes are and how much money she rakes in from her job, you think she'd at least care about the upkeep of these clothes," I observed as I ran my thumb across the silk material of one of her white blouses, taking notice to the wide rip that tore across the sleeve.

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