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**** Aaron's POV ****

"I don't think this marriage will happen"

"Neither do I. I'm having a bad feeling since morning"

"Maybe she'll change her decision today" Nate said while the other two men hummed and nodded their head.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror, adjusting my cuffs and moving a hand over the armani suit I was wearing.

This is it. The day is finally here, the most important day of every person's life. Today is the day when I'll be taking vows for a life long commitment to the most amazing person in my life.

Just a month ago I used to think that marriage is just not a cup of tea for me but now when I know what the future holds, I wouldn't want to trade this day for anything else in the world.

I turned my head to look at Nate who was standing next to me and staring at me very keenly. Turning a bit more I realised Brian and Kevin were doing the same.

"What?" I asked lifting a quizzical brow.

"Man! I never knew this day will come this soon" Nate said patting my shoulder with a radiant smile on his face.

"Of course! You were the one who had girls pinning over you for your looks, I never thought you'll be first to tie the knot amount us" Kevin said pursing his lips together.

Neither did I. Before the day when dad placed that contract in front of me, I never imagined this day will ever come. Just a mere thought of commitment used to scare the shit out of me. Not now.

Thinking about that contract I feel bad that I have still not informed about it to Caroline, not that it matters anymore. I agree that I decided to marry her just for the contract but now I don't give a fuck to anything. I'll be marrying her today, making her mine for ever and that is what matters. That contract can rot in hell.

Looking back at the mirror and adjusting my tie for one last time I started moving outside my room only to be stopped by Brian.

Why did I even bothered to invite them here? Oh wait, I never invited them.

"I think you should call Caroline once. It'll be very humiliating if she didn't show up there...."

"...when you will be standing at the end of the aisle, with people waiting for the bride but, poof, she never came" Kevin completed.

"What are you going to answer the journalists out there, who are waiting with their cameras ready to have a picture with the newly weds. Damn! What is going to happen to your reputation, Aaron!" Nate said throwing his hands in the air.

"What the fuck is wrong with you guys?" I literally shouted at them. They were pestering me about it since the time they landed up here and even forced me to call Caroline. I did call her once only to be informed by her friend, Nadia, that she is getting ready and I should not bother her and then what did she do? She switched Caroline's phone off. What is happening with everyone today!

I was controlling my anger from a very long time but it just enough now. "Why are you all talking like she won't turn up for the ceremony?" I asked closing my eyes shut to control my temper.

"I don't know. I just know" Nate said, and the next moment the room was filled with laughter.

"Fuck off, you morons" I cursed and moved out of the room, slamming the door shut behind me.

I was already being a nervous wreck, and then these bastard's just fueled it for me. Taking deep breaths, I tried to get my anger under control. When I felt I was done, I pulled on a straight face and moved towards the backyard of my father's house, where the ceremony was about to take place.

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