Chapter 58

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(Gemini Pov)

"Babeeee" Tay Called From The Room.

"Yeah Ma" I Said Back.

"Come Here" She Said.

"Baby I'm In The Middle Of Something" I Said Back.

Tay Didn’t Answer Back Instead I Heard Her Little Soft Steps Coming Down The Steps.

"Seriously Gem… You Doing Nothing But Playing A Game" She Said As She Took A Seat Across From Me.

"I'm Saving The World Tay" I Told Her As I Continued Shooting Zombies.

Yes I Still Make Time To Play Games In Case Your Wondering.

"Well I Need A Massage" Tay Said.

"No Problem" I Told Her. As My Eyes Still Laid On The TV.

"I Need It Now Gem" Tay Whined.

"Back? Leg? Shoulders?" I Asked Her As I Continued To Shoot The Zombies.

"Back… Leg… Shoulders And Breast" She Said.

I Paused The Game And Turned And Faced Tay… Remembering What My Momma Told Me.

"What? " She Asked Me.

"Your Boob?" I Asked Her.

"Breast" She Said Palming Both Her Breast. "They Need To Be Rubbed" She Added.

"Mmmmm Yeah" I Said As I Paused The Game. "Anything You Wanna Tell Me? " I Asked Her.

"I Just Did… I Said I Need A Massage" She Said.

I Stopped The Game, Took Off My Headphones And Then I Placed The Controller Down.

"Tay?" I Called Even Though She Was Right Across Me.

"Gemini… Am I Getting This Massage Or Naw?" She Asked Me.

I Ran My Hands Across My Face.

"Whats Wrong?" Tay Asked Me.

"I Went To See My Mom A Few Days Ago…" I Began To Say.

"Mhmm" Tay Said.

"And She Asked How Were You… You Know What Been Going On. Your Sleep And All That Other Stuff…" I Said.

"Yeah" Tay Said.

"Well Long Story Short…  She Mentioned Something Of What It Might Mean When A Girl Wants A Breast Massage" I Told Her.

"So What It Means?" She Asked Me.

"That You Might Be Pregnant" I Told Her.

"Umm... Really" She Said.

"Are You Pregnant Tay?" I Asked Her.

"What?" She Asked.

"I Asked…" I Began To Say But She Cut Me Off.

"No I Heard What You Said… I’m Just Surprised You Asked… Am I Getting Big Or Something?" She Asked Me.

"No Its Just The Signs…" I Told Her.

"Sleeping… And Eating…" She Said.

"Yeah.." I Said. "Then The Massage" I Added.

"Mmmm…" She Said As She Bit On The Inside Of Her Mouth And Diverted Her Eyes Downward. "I Guess The Signs Are There Huh" She Added.

The Room Got Silent. Honestly I Wouldn’t Have Any Problem With Tay Having Another Child Especially If Its By Me. But Right Now I Don’t Know. King And Ty Is Only 5. I Don’t Think I’m Ready To Raise A Baby Yet. I Never Done So. I Don’t Know What’s Going On Right Now. I Don’t Feel Like I’m Ready.

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