My First Story

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Hi everyone.

Im working on my first ever wattpad story, as you could probably guess by the titel...

Its going to be a Fan fiction whith is going to include Darkiplier, and a little septiplier "smut"

BUT! its not gonna be bad, i dont think im gonna make it like sexual... but if it happens im gonna put a warning :-)

Also last thing i personally DONT!! I repeat, I DO NOT! Ship septiplier!! XD

(I ship Amyplier, and Septishu ;-) :-)

So yeah i hope you are as exited and hyped as i am.

So i hope you are looking forward to t, because i know i am, i would love to hear your thoughts on it when i put out the first chapter.

So yeah, bye everyone, i hope i'll see your comment on my future stories :-)

- Line aka. Me ;-P XD

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