Chapter 23

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[Every moment is like flying among clouds and dancing on the moon.]


"We're here~" Jin's melodious voice echoed through the room and he was greeted by his younger friends with smiles. Taehyung and Hoseok hugged Jimin, who replied by hugging back. Yoongi helped with carrying the boxes immediately, transferring them to the guest room.

Jin, looking over the heavy boxes, while walking, asked, "Where's Namjoon?"

"Geez, hyung, you can't spend two minutes straight without him, can you?" Hoseok teased, taking another box to the room.

"That's because Jin hyung is busy spending two hours gay with him." Taehyung winked at the oldest, who was blushing.

"Stop bullying my boyfriend!" Namjoon entered the room, and back-hugged his lover. "Na-Namjoon~" Jin blushed.

All of this made Jimin smile, he loved watching everything from a distant corner and liked how Life seemed so beautiful. How you could be so happy with your friends while you spend the whole night crying alone; Life was so beautiful and yet equally cruel.

"Minnie, you good?" Namjoon sat beside his friend, carefully placing his hair in a styled position. Jimin just smiled and nodded, not having enough energy to speak words.

"I-Is Jungkook..." Jimin's voice trailed off the track and his question remained incomplete. Namjoon just nodded and spoke, "You should go see him. Spend more time with him before we leave."

Jimin thought for a while. He wanted to spend whatever time he could get with Jungkook but he didn't want to hurt Jungkook by leaving him. "Take your chance, Minnie. Make unforgettable memories with him and while you're at it."

Jimin nodded hesitantly, "Okay...He's in his room, right?" Namjoon nodded and urged Jimin to go on upstairs. Jimin with careful steps, walked up the stairs and reached the brown door.

With a heavy breath intake, Jimin knocked on the door thrice. When no answer was heard, Jimin stuttered, "J-Jungkook, I'm coming in."

Jungkook's eyes widened with surprise, he didn't expect it to be his hyung. So, when he heard Jimin's voice, he looked up at the door with his glittery doe eyes.

Jimin gave a quick smile, "Ar-Are you okay?" Jimin walked to the corner of the room where Jungkook had trapped himself. Jungkook had his face hidden in knees, while his long arms wrapped himself like a ribbon around a gift box.

Jimin got no answer and neither did he expect any. Jimin sighed, unable to think of anything to make him happy again.

Jimin sat down next to the maknae, copying the same position as his. Jimin spoke, "Kookie...Don't be sad."

Jungkook let another teardrop slip away from his eye, the soothing voice of his hyung that he once was jealous of, was now fragile and weak. Jungkook didn't want to cry in front of his hyung and hid his face between his knees.

"D-don't leave..." Jungkook cried, and to say that this melodious voice made Jimin's heart skip its beat would be an understatement. Jimin felt like his heart didn't even pound anymore, he couldn't hear the thumps; all he could hear were the beautiful cries of his crush.

"Jungko-" Jimin was about to speak but Jungkook hugged his hyung. Jimin let all his heart out and hugged the boy more tightly.

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