✯ | chapter twenty two

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"PLEASE ANSWER THE question," Marcus demanded for the billionth time since they began questioning.

The Mountain Man who had been locked in the airlock chamber was conscious and healthy, sitting on the bed and looking past the glass at Marcus, who was questioning him with questions that he didn't seem inclined to answer.

"Carl Emerson," Emerson replied. "Mount Weather security detail."

"As you already said," Marcus interrupted. "You don't seem to be grasping the situation here. You should've died in the woods. We saved your life."

Leila stood beside Clarke, looking through the photographs stolen from the Mountain Man's backpack. In every photograph, it was either Lexa, Clarke or herself that was present. Some were closer than others, making Leila wonder just how long they had been followed for.

"Why not help us bring an end to all this?" Marcus asked.

"Carl Emerson," Emerson repeated. "Mount Weather security detail."

"He's not gonna talk," Clarke stated.

"He will if we open the door," Marcus responded.

Abby marched forwards and pressed a button on the console. "We are not doing that."

"We need to know what he knows," Marcus began. "Vulnerabilities. Troop numbers."

"She's right," Clarke replied. "Torture doesn't work."

"Clarke, it could save your friends," Marcus argued.

"I'm the Chancellor," Abby snapped.

"Then act like one!" Marcus shouted. "I told you I would support you as long as I believed that you were doing the right thing."

"I am," Abby replied. "And if you disagree, convene a vote and take my place."

"I don't give a damn about the title," Marcus interjected. "I just want to save our people."

"So do I," Abby spat. Marcus walked away in that moment, anger evident in the way he walked. Abby turned to the guard who was currently on duty. "I want this man under twenty four hour guard. Is that clear?"

The guard nodded and Abby walked away. Clarke turned to the man in the airlock chamber, shaking her head almost imperceptibly.


Sitting opposite Raven in Engineering, Leila watched her fiddle with the device that had been taken from the Mountain Man. Pressing a button, it emitted a high pitched wail and Raven cringed.

"Yeah, I can totally replicate this frequency," she nodded.

"Good," Clarke said in relief. "If we can neutralise the Reapers, the tunnels are an option. Get on it."

"You don't need to give me orders, Clarke," Raven snapped. "I got this."

"Raven?" Octavia called, running into the room. "Any word from Bellamy?"

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