[13,2] A Strange Dream

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[13,2] A Strange Dream

Sorry for the lateness, I hope you’ll enjoy reading it though!

The tiger guided me towards the waterfall where I would be able to find the notorious lion. Bored.  I wanted to take a nap, a nap underneath a tree. Might wake up then, back home, eat cookies there. But tigywigy wouldn’t let me go. He wanted me to play with the lion. I saw it walking near the water, back and forth back and forth, made me sleepy.

“Stop walking.” I said as I rubbed my eyes.

“So you are Alice.” A deep familiar voice told me.

“I wish you would all stop saying that! I’m Eveleen, not Alice, it doesn’t even sound like Alice. I want a cookie so tell me why you’re here, and why are you blocking the water from going out?” I asked the big cat.

“They try to steal it away from me, but I won’t let them, it belongs with me, here it won’t be disturbed or dirtied. “ The lion told me. strange.

“But isn’t it selfish to keep it to yourself? If you share it you and others can enjoy it.” I told the kitty.

“But it’s mine, no one else should be able to enjoy it. I don’t want to share it, it belongs to me for a reason.” It purred.

“But won’t it be wasted if it doesn’t serve it’s purpose?” I asked.

“What do you mean?’ Kitty asked.

“How should I know? I just want my cookie.” I told him.

“Would you share your cookie?” It asked.

“Depends, if I can train annoying twins with it, yes, if it is a favor only from my side, no, to yummy to share.” I said.

“But isn’t that the same as with me?” It asked.

“No, I eat them, I don’t let it spoil, it’s a waste not to use your things. I once got a pretty bike but never used it because I was scared I would scratch it, but when I finally wanted to use it was was much to big to fit so I had to throw it away, that’s a waste isn’t it? You grow as you go, but the things you do and don’t do help you grow, if you chose to be careful and protect anything you’ll never know what it would have been like to use it.” I said.

“That sounds rather clever.” The cat said.

“My brother said something like that once, he’s a strange bird.” I told the cat.

“Why is that?”  kitty asked.

“Because he is always so fiercy towards outsiders, I love my brother and hate most others, but sometimes he overreacts, quite funny to watch.” I told the lion as I sat down.

“Are you tired?” The lion asked.

“Yes, all of you talking animals confuse me.” I told it. “Hey, do you think my dog can talk?” I asked the lion as it walked towards me.

“Perhaps, I don’t know about your world Alice, but he might just be able to.” It said as it lied down next to me.

“Can I have something to drink?” I asked the lion.

“Did you miss the talk we just had about me protecting the water?” It asked.

“I think so.” I told him. “Aren’t there flowers that have to drink as well?” I asked the cat.

“Perhaps, but they’ll find their water  somewhere else if they need it so desperately.” It said.

“How can you be sure?” I asked.

“… Not sure…” He said and I jumped up.

“Let’s go find some flowers.” I said.

“Why?” It asked.

“To tie their shoelace of course!” I told him. the lion got up as well and brushed it’s fur against my skin in the process.

“soft…” I murmured as I stroked its back. When I started stroking its head it started purring and I was happy as well, the head was even softer then the back. And the best thing was, it was also warm. Without thinking about it I jumped up on its back and put my arms around its neck.

“What do you think you’re doing?” It asked.

“Soft, warm, nice.” I sang.

“Just this once.” It said with something that sounded like a scoff. It started walking and the rocking of its back, lulled me to sleep.

I didn’t know how much time had passed and I was sure I would never find out, but I couldn’t hear or see the waterfall anymore nor was the little town in sight.

“Where are we?” I asked the lion.

“I was enjoying my walk, I think we got a bit off track.” It spoke.

“Where are the flowers?” I asked.

“All around you.” It said and I lifted my head to look around. His words had been very true, we were in the middle of a huge field full of dried out flowers.

“They look ugly.” I told the lion.

“You think?” It asked.

“I just said it didn’t I?”

“That’s true, but aren’t they supposed to be like this?” It asked.

“No, they are supposed to be colorful.” I told the lion. I swung my arm over my right side so I fell of off the beast and lied in the grass. Fluffy.

“You’re one strange bird Alice.” It said while shaking its head.

“I’m not a bird, and I’m not Alice. I’m a human called Eveleen, how many time do I have to explain thi-“ I was distracted by a ticklish feeling. I realized a squirrel was crawling up my leg. It put its tiny claws around it and clung onto me.

“Squirrel.” I said and it looked up.

“Alice.” It said. I jumped up shaking of the squirrel.

“EVERYONE LISTEN I’M NOT ALICE I’M EVELEEN EVERYONE REPEAT AFTER ME! E-VE-LEEN!!!!!” I shouted with all my might so that everyone would know for once and for all.

“What do you want?” I asked the squirrel.

“I seem to be attracted to you and have the urge to cling onto you but never tell you why, it seems as though you are surrounded by something that tries to keep me away, like the lion, it looks like it’s about to shoot me and with those paws he couldn’t shoot a hunter if it tried to kill him.” it squeaked.

“Cute.” I said as I looked at the tiny creature.

“Thank you, can I hug you now?” It asked.

“No…” I answered. “Wait a second, are you the mad squirrel that throws nuts and attacks people?”

“I might be, why are you asking?” It asked.

“Cus I was told to make you stop, and if you stop I get a cookie.” I told it.

“Will you share it?” It asked.

“Sure, if that solves it.” I told the squirrel.

“Alright then but they can’t take you away from me without a fight, you hear that lion, I won’t back down because you are in a better position, I’m strong two though you don’t seem to realize that!”I squeaked, making it sound like much less of a threat.

I waited for a moment, 1 minute, 5 minutes.

“What are you doing?” The lion asked me with a yawn.

“Waiting for the cookie.” I told it.

“I don’t think it will appear from thin air.” It said.

“Nice magical words you have, not even magic cookies? Boring…” I sat as I let myself fall to the ground.

Authors note: Sorry, it’s not as long as I wanted it to be, but the next update won’t take as long as this one! Vote, comment fan, or whatever!

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