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Picture of Sean Walker on side --->

Picture of Sean Walker on side --->

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*Anabelle's POV*

*5 weeks later*

Winter Formal is next week and like always, I never go. It was just a stupid high school dance. I don't fawn over them like most of the girls at my school.

I never actually did tell Lianne about what happened between Sean and I at the party. I had told her I felt uncomfortable and we left. She didn't even question me further, which I was grateful for.

But now, I might have to tell her. I was supposed to get my period a few days ago but it never came. My period was never one to come late. But since I am no longer a virgin, I was worried. I asked myself this question several times today, because it was the only thing that was on my mind.

Could I be pregnant?

I pray to God that I'm not. I can't have a baby now! I'm still seventeen and in high school! I haven't even graduated yet or studied to be a lawyer or even got married!

I cannot have a baby get in the way of my plans for the future. Sure, I want kids, but I wanted them after I graduated Law school and got married.

I just needed to buy a pregnancy test to be sure. I needed to call Lianne and tell her. I seriously needed her support right now.

I grabbed my phone that was laying face down on my nightstand and dialed Lianne's number. After a few rings, she finally answered.

"Hey Ana!"

"Hey. Can you come over?" I asked her, my voice very shaky.

"Sure. Are you okay? Your voice sounds kind of shaky."

"Yeah. Just come over please. It's urgent." I quickly hung up the phone and placed it back on my nightstand.

My whole body was shaking because of how scared and nervous I was. I needed something to take my mind off of everything that was going on. I grabbed my book from my nightstand and opened it to the spot I had left off on.

Reading could help. It always took my mind off of anything. School, work and my dad. Speaking of work, I totally forgot I had picked up a late shift at the Café.

I looked at my clock and saw it was a quarter till four. My shift started at six and I would get out at one in the morning. I just hope Lianne gets here soon. I needed to take that test as soon as possible.

I set my book back down on my nightstand and got up from my bed, quickly grabbing a pair of underwear from my drawer. A warm shower is what I definitely needed right now.

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