✯ | chapter nineteen

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CLARKE REFUSED TO let her best friend leave the Grounder village as she was under the impression that the brunette would attempt to follow Bellamy and most likely get herself killed. So, with Lexa's permission, Leila was granted access to the council meeting and would serve as Clarke's guide.

That is how the two friends found themselves gathered around a table with a bunch of Grounders, tossing ideas back and forth between the group to try and find the best and safest solution for getting everyone out of Mount Weather.

"This argument is a waste of time," a Grounder named Quint exclaimed loudly. "It is simple. If they can't breathe our air why not just open the door and be done with it? Let them burn."

"Burn them!" the Grounders agreed.

"No, because they have a containment system," Clarke countered. "Multiple air locks just like we had on the Ark. Our inside man can shut that down."

"If he gets inside," Quint corrected.

"He will," Leila retorted.

"What if we shut it down from the outside?" Lexa proposed. "You say the dam gives them power. Let's take that away."

"That dam withstood a nuclear war, Commander," Leila pointed out. "I'm sorry, but I highly doubt–"

Quint slammed his fist on the table, glaring at Clarke and Leila. "All they offer is no."

"Quint," Lexa scolded, glaring at the man.

He straightened up instantly. "Apologies, Commander, but the biggest army we've ever had waits for us to give it a mission. The longer that takes, the more of our people die inside that mountain."

"It's the same for all of us," Clarke pointed out.

"We've lost thousands," Quint snapped. "How many have you two lost?" Clarke and Leila said nothing, so Quint turned to Lexa. "They say they have a plan. I say waiting for one man to get inside is not a very good one."

"I agree with Quint," another Grounder agreed. "We have an army. Let's use it."

"We will," Leila assured him. "After Bellamy lowers their defences, turns off the acid fog. We don't care how many men you have. If you can't get to your enemy, you can't win."

"You are the enemy," Quint said through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry," Clarke apologised insincerely. "Have we done something to offend you?"

"Yes," Quint replied, walking towards Clarke and Leila. "You burned my brother alive in a ring of fire."

Clarke stepped right up in front of Quint, unafraid. "He shouldn't have attacked our ship."

"You're very brace under the Commander's protection, aren't you?" Quint taunted.

"Enough," Lexa ordered.

"I can't be in an alliance with these people," Quint replied.

Lexa picked up Clarke's hand-drawn map of Mount Weather and looked at the two girls. "Quint's right. Waiting for Bellamy is not a plan. It's a prayer. One that's not likely to be answered."

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