Chapter Sixty-Four

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"I trust you Cordell."

"Good cause if you didn't and you had me pay for this expensive ass wedding, we were going to have some issues." I laughed. I bent down kissing him on the lips. "Now that we have that settled, let's go to our rehearsal dinner." He kissed me one last time then stood up to continue to get dressed.

We arrived at the hotel we rented with two minutes to spare. We would've had time but Cordell took a wrong turn because he was too busy singing with Sapphire. They were singing Taylor Swift's Shake it off which was a pain to me and the babies. Sapphire was in the back shaking her hands as if she was on stage and Cordell was following suit. It was adorable site but so annoying.

Soon as we stepped foot in the venue we rented everything was so beautiful. I couldn't believe how gorgeous everything was. Everyone was here and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. We had only invited our closest friends and family. I didn't want to have a ton of people that I would have to keep up with. I knew soon I would get tired and want to go home and that's when my mood would drop, so I didn't want to be surrounded by a lot of people. "You ready for this or do you need a moment?"

"I'm fine, just a little nervous still." He grabbed my hand. Kissing both of them separately. "Don't be nervous baby girl. You got this. Get through this and then we have our wedding and then the only thing you will have to worry about is those two babies inside of you."

"What if someone tries to touch my stomach? You know I hate when people touch my stomach," I pouted. "Just be nice and smile and when we get home I will give you a foot massage." I smiled.

"Deal." He smiled kissing me on the lips. He led me into the room where people instantly began to greet us. Everyone from his side pulled me to them so they could tell me who they were and how happy they were for us. Even some people on my side came up to me to introduce themselves to me. I didn't know half the people that had come but my mom had told them to.

The night went on and we ate the prepared food. I had to say I was having a good a time. I loved the attention everyone was showing me and Sapphire was having a blast meeting some of her new cousins. You could tell she liked not being the only child anymore. I was happy I wasn't the only one enjoying myself. Cordell was meeting my family as well. He seemed to be having a good time but I was still nervous. "You okay, you don't seem too happy," my mom asked coming to sit by me. "I'm fine just going through a lot of feelings right now."

"Let me guess, you're second guessing everything you have done up to now?" I looked down embarrassed. "I don't want to be doing this, it's just I'm scared mom." She scooted closer to me. "Can I tell you a secret?"


"What you're feeling is perfectly normal. Everyone that is this close begins to feel that feeling in the pit of their stomach that makes them second guess everything. You start to tell yourself that you are making the right choices but then you have that voice that tells you otherwise."

"How do I silence that voice?"

"By trusting in your judgement. You are smart, very smart and you don't make the same mistakes over. You would never put yourself in the same position you were in before, don't doubt yourself. That man that put that ring on your finger is not Lucas. He loves you and is going to love you until the end of time." I nodded sighing. She kissed me on the cheek and got up. I decided then that I would put all my reservations about Cordell and our marriage to the background. I wanted to start our marriage on the right foot and that meant being positive that our marriage would work.

After a while everyone settled down and people said their toasts. I wasn't a fan of being put on the spot but what they had to say was really nice. Granted most of the people that stood up I didn't even know. I could tell my mom had dug into her address book and called every number she could find. I couldn't blame her though, I was just happy she was here. Me and my mom were never really close in the past but it was nice we could be right now. I thought the next time I got married I would have to do it alone, I was happy I was wrong. I had the family I always wanted and dreamed for.

On the way home Sapphire had tired herself out with all the candy and running around. Just watching her sleep made me jealous. My feet were killing me and my back was screaming. When we got home Cordell got her out and took her to her room. Meanwhile I got undressed so I could meet my own bed. I took of the dress and then pulled on one of Cordell's t-shirts. I pulled the covers back getting inside. I swear the sheets felt amazing.

"Comfortable?" Cordell walked back in smiling. "Why you smiling so hard?" he walked further in sitting on my side of the bed and reaching under the covers grabbing one of my feet. He began to rub one making me moan. "Just can't believe we are so close."

"Me either, still seems like we just started this whole thing."

"You still nervous about our marriage?" the way he asked I knew it had been worrying him. I mean if I thought he was having second thoughts I would be worrying too. "No, I'm not. I trust you which means I trust you with my mind, my soul, and my heart." He nodded. "You know I would never hurt you right?"

"I know."

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