Series of One Shots.

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Being the singer in different places, I already witnessed numerous stories of people coming here.

One reason could be is because some of them are happy.

Probably because they are with their friends, family or special someone.

Or maybe because they are in love or something happened that they would want to celebrate.

But still some of them are because of sadness.

Maybe because they have been broken hearted, they loss someone or something very important or they might have been loss a chance for something.

Whatever the reason they have to come here, I just have to continue singing.

Someone out there might be listening to me and relating herself/himself to the song I'm singing.

Hi, I'm Amica, a student and a singer.

Let me share to you the stories behind every song that I sang. :)

Amica (Series of One Shots) || COMPLETETahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon