= Chapter 3 =

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"The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands."

- Jeremy Lockhart



You know that feeling where you just want to shove an ice cream stick up someone's butt to remind them that the world doesn't revolve around them?

Well I'm feeling that right now cause there's a bird outside my window chirping like there was no tomorrow.

And let me remind you that it was 6 in the morning. Opening my window in annoyance, I gave the bird my best glare and he just chirps.

"Excuse me, if you haven't notice I was trying to sleep! And I know you want the whole world to know that you can chirp so well but I NEED TO SLEEP!! So stop being a pain in the ass and go somewhere else!!" I said sternly.

And he chirped happily in response.

"I give up!" I threw my hands in the air in frustration.

"Talking to a bird? Really gatito ?" Dante questioned as he stood at his window with arms crossed, you could hear a Spanish accent lacing in his words.

Skylar, don't look at his biceps...

"You got any better idea, genius?" I questioned.

"Actually I do. Meet me downstairs in 15 minutes, get changed."

Before I could reply he left. Great, just great!

Slipping into my jean shorts, a grey V-neck crop top and my thin blouse over it, I was about to leave my room when I remembered to put on my golden locket that held my biggest secret that only my parents know of.

I grabbed my sling bag and quietly made my way to the kitchen to retrieve my cinnamon roll that I've been dreaming of the entire night. Leaving a note for my mum, I left the house as silently as possible.

It was quite a chilly day since it was approaching winter. The autumn leaves danced through the wind as I put on my ankle boots.

"You cleaned up fast!" Dante jogged out from the house beside mine.

"I'm not like the other girls if you haven't noticed."

"And I'm not like other guys cause I'm the one and only Dante Valentino." He said with pride while I rolled my eyes.

"That's nice pretty boy but how are we gonna kill the bird. And seriously how do you survive with it every morning?!"

Ignoring me, he went closer to the tree to get a look of the bird. All of a sudden, he kneeled at he tree, expecting something.

"Erm..Dante? If you're gonna pray to that bird, hoping that it would fly away..it's not gonna work." I said slowly like as if I was speaking to a 5 year old.

"Do I look stupid?"

"If you put it that way, then yes you look actually stu-"

"Would you just come and step onto my knee so I can lift you up." He interrupted me.

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