Opinions of America

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Canada: *shrugs*

Philippines: *hugs Alfred* mmmmm you're so nice~! Little baby Alfred! So cute

America: Russia's doesn't surprise me.

Italy: America~!!! *hugs*

America: Germany the hell man.

Germany: ..........

Israel: *hugs America* ...

America: I don't feel loved.

Poland: EEEYYYYYY *hugs* We should like, totally go shopping yeah?

America: I now regret feeling loved.

South Korea: *jumps on America* HEY MAN I MADE YOU

France: *hugs tightly* hononononon~

Most of Africa: *hugs*

America: *sighs* and still everyone hates me... *obnoxious sighing*

Mexico: ...

Japan: *hugs* America-San. You are loved.

America: *oBNOXIOUS SIGHS* noT By EVErYonE

Everyone but Mexico and Russia: *hugs*

America: *SIGHS*

Russia: I can give you a hug Ameri-

America: Yeah no thanks commie. *holds arms out to Mexico* come on man gimme a hug.

Mexico: if it'll get you to shut your mouth... *hugs him*

America: *grins* look at all my future colon- I mean friends~!

Mexico: What was that?

America: Nothing. Just enjoy the sweet take ov- I mean embrace of the world super power~!

China: Alfred what was that last part?

America: Nothing at all... become one- Err um friends with America~!

Italy: Ve~!

Germany: Zhere is a reason I don't trust you...

America: *smiles creepily* oh come on Germany~ you can trust me~!

Germany: Nien!! Prussia do somezhing about your scary boyfriend!!

Canada: Oh Alfred, don't be such a tease. We all know that you'll end up destroying the world not making friends with it.

Philippines: There's a reason most of us ranked you so high! It's so when you try and destroy the world we won't be taken down with it!!

Countries hugging America: *happy sigh* embrace the world power~

Russia: They say I'm the creepy one da?

Belarus: *pulls out knives*

Russia: GO AWAY!!!!

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