Chapter Eight

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"Charlie, Diana has arrived—"

Diana burst into the room in a flurry of white and purple. She wore a white dress with tiny purple flowers and vines embroidered on it, her hair tied up with a ribbon. Her eyes held pure, cold fury.

Charlie put her book down, wiry amusement crossing her face, "Yes, Diana? Thank you, Robin, that is all."

Robin left the two friends alone as Diana flopped onto a chaise.

"You shall never believe it!" She shrieked, her voice shrill.

Charlie rolled her eyes, "I won't if you keep yelling. Quiet down!"

Diana huffed and crossed her arms, "The Bow Street Runners are giving up on the investigation for the murder."

"What?" Charlie was shocked. That didn't sound at all like the Runners, "Why on earth?"

"They believe that Langley slipped on spilled brandy and hit his head on the desk."

"Poppycock!" Exclaimed Charlie, slamming her book down on the love seat she sat on, "Where is their proof?"

Diana sighed, "There was brandy on the floor and Langley was in a position to suggest that he hit the desk. Not to mention they found his blood on the edge of the desk."

Charlie shook her head, "And what of the state of Richard's study? How it had been ransacked?"

"Langley had been looking for something. Or so they say." Diana groaned in frustration, "Richard is furious, as is your father. Lord Ronan and Conrad are trying to convince them to change their minds."

Charlie nodded. Conrad and Colleen's father worked closely with the Bow Street operations. If anyone could convince them, it was Charlie's brother.

She was suddenly struck with an idea, "Diana, what if we could give them proof, a clue of some sort, that Langley was murdered?"

Diana sat up very straight, staring at Charlie, "I-I suppose so. But how? They've combed Richard's study countless times."

"Yes, but they hasn't got what we have."

"And what," Diana said dryly, "is that?"

Charlie grinned.



"Oh hello, Sexton, we've come to pick something up for Richard. He is ever so forgetful."

Charlie giggled and twittered, "Oh yes, did I tell you how he forgot that he promised me a dance? It was positively dreadful."

Diana sighed melodramatically, "Yes, well, I do hope that this short. I want to buy new ribbons for the upcoming ball. I do so hate running Richard's errands."

By that time, Charlie and Diana had successfully gotten into Richard's study and promptly closed the door in Sexton's face.

They both collapsed into giggles the moment the door closed, "Did you see his face?" Crowed Diana, "Poor man, he's probably still scratching his head."

Charlie grinned ear to ear, "We are rather cunning, aren't we?"

"Yes, I believe so." Diana answered, "Come, we have little time." Diana removed a stack of books from the shelf and placed it in front of the door, "So we know if someone enters while we here."

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