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Johnny's was not a shop I would expect to walk into, heck I never would have even thought my life would take such a drastic turn.

My feet pondered over the marble floor; it was warm — thankfully they had underfloor heating. I thought they would fall off from the numbness they felt not moments ago outside. Then again can feet even fall off?

"You must be thinking of something interesting."

I blinked my eyes a few times, only to realise the deep voice came from the man that accompanied me to the shop; Xavier the saviour.

"Oh," I turned my head only to be met with his welcoming smile. "I was just thinking about how amazing this place is, it's huge and beautiful."

My eyes wandered over the many gowns and dresses that were lined in rows. They were categorised by colours and their materials. Velvet on one side, Silk on the other and right in front of me were those made of chiffon. My favourite.

"True, Johnny's does have quite the reputation of having the best and only the best in their boutique. They also have their own tailors who have been renowned for their intricate designs and embellishments. Their suits are pretty nifty too, which is why I come here as a regular."

I bet you do, I thought after all this place must cost a bomb.

"Sounds nice," I smiled though I could not stop the feeling that was growing in my stomach.

"You were here for something weren't you?"

"Well I can't forget it," I groaned, "after all I managed to rip the very designer suit of my boss."

A deep chuckle boomed across the foyer, I inwardly swore at myself. Why did I just blurt that out?

"You ripped your boss' suit," he said between laughs, "so that's why you're here. Oh how I would hate to have a boss who makes their employees walk barefoot across town."

"I shouldn't have really said that, but," I sighed, "I didn't ask for it. It just happened by-"

"Accident?" He craned his head towards me, his brown eyes twinkling with humour.

". . . yeah." I replied sheepishly.

"I guess the shoes breaking was also an accident?" He pointed towards my pale feet.

"Part of the accident, yes." I replied, feeling my cheeks burn from embarrassment.

"I'm sure there was a perfectly reasonable explanation as to how it all occurred, however we have more important matters to address and that is to get you a new pair of shoes."

I dropped the black notebook out of my hand, "excuse me?"

His hair waved back and forth as he laughed at my sudden movement, as though I was something amusing for him to watch.

"I would like to buy you a pair of shoes, and I will not take no for an answer."

" . . . bu-ut —

Before I could even protest, he had already called over someone for help.

"Now miss, what is your size?"

"Alberto I want the best and most durable shoes for this young lady, it seems her previous ones did little to help her."

Honestly this day has been one heck of a roller coaster, after all that fuss with Fontaine and now I'm getting this hunk of a stranger from nowhere; offering to buy me a pair of new shoes. Designer shoes might I add.

"Oh," I just looked around bewildered.

"Relax Elisa." Xavier stood beside me and walked me gently towards a cushioned chair. Great, even this is better than my own bed.

"So miss, what are you looking for?" Alberto asked.

I peeked behind my eyelashes to see Xavier watching, and then took my eyes on the err . . . what do you call them, waiters?

"It's fine, ask for whatever you need. I'm going to get measured for a new suit, won't be long." Xavier smiled as he sauntered off into a corner filled with suede blue curtains.

Everything in here was so fancy, I felt quite conscious of myself.

"Like Mr. Xavier has said," his thick accent rolled out the syllables, "relax miss and let me do all the work."

"Thank you." I nodded my head.

"So, what will it be?"

With that, he showed me a trolley full of all kinds of shoes. Ones with skinny heels, chunky heels, shoes that poked out your toes and even ones that showed of your own heels.

Nothing that I liked really.

"I was hoping for a more safer option, something flat and won't break."

The 'waiter' laughed softly, "my dear we have plenty of women that come and go but none have ever opted for the 'safer option' tell me, do you find it hard to walk in heels?" He asked.

"A lot, I am quite clumsy."

"Well then, for the pretty yet clumsy woman we have something special."

I hope he won't throw me out.

He took a box out from the bottom rack of the copper trolley, it was small which I was hoping would fit me, the shoes not the box.

"Try these."

He took out a pair of black, shiny ballet shoes. Except they weren't your usual flats but had a tiny heel just enough to give anyone some height but at the same time it was thick so it wouldn't break easily. For someone like me, they were perfect.

"They're lovely, can I try them on?"

"Certainly, your size?"

"Oh, I am a size 4."

"Perfect fit then."

I walked up and down the make shift runway and felt my feet at ease. I probably wouldn't even have to break into them. They didn't have that strange plastic, feel that would hurt around the sides. They fit like a glove, for my feet. They were comfortable and full of air.

"I love them."

Even though I wasn't sure of what would happen in the next following days, the moment I was in now was utter bliss. Man if only Xavier was my boss. How awesome would that be?


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