Chapter 1: Stone Wyvern

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It seemed like a good idea, avoiding the fight while conscripting others. Well, it did until the wagon driver's insides began to rain down from the sky.

"WYVERN!" one of the merchants screamed, then grasped at the abandoned reins.

Vivian fought back the bile rising in his throat. He saw it all, the grey wyvern that fell from the sky without warning. It appeared similar to the lizards he had seen in his garden, except for the fact that this thing was about six metres long, and that its front claws were supporting large leathery wings. It took the driver of the wagon, raised him into the sky, then released that foul crimson. The white fabric covering the roof and sides of the wagon were now painted with death. It had filled the merchants he rode with—and himself—with fear.

"Shit! That's Gerald!" The merchant driving the wagon gave Vivian a horrified gaze. "I told you this was suicide!"

"What? You mean that was Gerald?" Vivian appeared terrified for a moment. He then shook his head, flailing his long, black ponytail around, and snapped his attitude back into place. "It's imperative that we get to Holtur," he said, pointing onwards with his dusty brown gloves. "If we don't, you'll all be consumed by what is coming. Besides, you didn't seem to mind all that much when I handed you the gold." Vivian Patressi wasn't the most confident of men, in fact, many would call him a coward. One thing he could do, however, was inspire others to be brave on his behalf.

"That was a lot of go—" A deep roar blurred out the merchant's words, and drowned out the sound of the wagon. The wyvern had obtained the undivided attention of all on board.

"Maybe this was a bad idea?" Donna's green eyes grew wide with fear, her soft lips trembling with each word. "Surely we could have waited a few more suns..."

"You want to return to a massacred Silverton?" Vivian scowled at his assistant. "Every sun we allow to pass, is another sun those serpents venture closer to our home. We need to recruit those slayers before it is too late."

"You won't be able to recruit anyone if that wyvern consumes you first," the merchant steering the wagon spoke back. "We should have waited for the frozen suns!"

Vivian shrugged, he didn't understand what these merchants meant by frozen suns. How could something as hot as a sun possible freeze?

"And she's entered her blood lust!" A strong looking man, wrapped in an odd cloak, emerged from among the merchants. "Should make this interesting!"

"Interesting?" Donna's jaw dropped. "How is our impending destruction interesting?"

"Because I, my dear, am a slayer of all things wicked." the man threw off his dark cloak revealing an arsenal of weapons, then grabbed for a spiked mace. "The name's Marrozte, I'm a slayer working for the Bristrunstium."

"Thank Silvaste," Vivian gave a sigh of relief. He hadn't really noticed the man before now, and had thought he was just another merchant. They kept to themselves, those merchant types, not really wanting to talk unless it is about gold. Knowing they had a slayer among them filled him with confidence.

"The Bristrunstium?" Donna asked, only to be ignored by the man. He was now climbing his way across the horses that were pulling the wagon.

"Did you do any research on Holtur?" Vivian was annoyed. He had only just been granted an assistant, but clearly he was going to have to mold her to be more useful.

"No, I just figured I'd learn on the road," she said. The confidence of her youth made him smile.

"The Bristrunstium are a collective that study all variety of creatures and monsters," Vivian spoke, updating his assistant's knowledge. His eyes also watching Marrozte swing into action. "The group originated in Holtur, that's why it is of the utmost importance that we make it there soon. Hopefully they know of the serpents that are attacking the Krone Divide, hopefully they can stop them."

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